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Erhama Bin Jaber Al Jalahma Shipyard E-Mail: / Current openings:

Southern Breakwater, Ras Laffan Indus- For updated listing, refer to www.nkom.

trial City Web Site:

POBox 28388, Doha, Qatar Number of employees: 2,600 Recruiter contact information:

Telephone: +974 4419 7300 Turnover rate: Con? dential

Marine (N-KOM) has become one of to monitor their performance as well

Preferred method of job training:

Both types of training conducted, de- Middle East’s leading shipyards, and as strengthen skills and competencies. pending on the training type and require- received accolades for its business World-class trainers have been engaged ment. The shipyard has its own training excellence and safety culture. These and joint-training sessions with our centre in-house and routinely organizes achievements have been possible due trade partners held to ensure skills and various skill-trainings on-site for its to the company’s strong people focus. knowledge of the team is streamlined employees. Trainings are conducted by N-KOM believes that its people are its to meet the objectives of the company in-house trainers and also those engaged greatest asset. The company invests and at the same time develop our tal- from reputable consultancies such as heavily in nurturing and developing ents into future leaders. This is a win-

Kepner Tregoe. its employees to reach their full po- win scenario as it allows our employees tential through its robust training and to strategically explore, plan and mold development program. In addition to a their future and at the same time ful? lls

The Case for K-NOM:

Within a short period of 5 years into customized training plan, senior men- the organization’s need for a vital and operation, Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & tors are assigned to every employee effective workforce. Maritime Professional 45| | 34-49 Q3 MP2015.indd 45 9/18/2015 10:48:32 AM

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