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the goals of the University, but her participation doesn’t end there. She told MarPro in February, “I try to participate in various activities at the University so that I better understand the culture and educational program and therefore its needs.

When I am on campus, I will randomly approach cadets and start a conversation. I am always impressed at how poised, eloquent and open they are.”

Like CMA, all of the maritime academies are addressing diversity in terms of recruiting a wider variety of students.

Keeler approaches that issue thoughtfully, saying, “A big part of the solution is just awareness. As a young woman in the seventies, I drove past the Academy hundreds of times on the freeway and did not know it was there. I knew nothing of mer- chant mariners. Getting out to the community, to high schools and letting students know that there are so many opportuni- ties for them in the commercial waterfront and global sup- ply chain will go a long way in in? uencing career and higher educational choices.”

And, of course, like so many of her colleagues, Keeler is an active member of Women’s International Shipping & Trad- ing Association (WISTA), a networking organization for women at management level in the maritime industry. WISTA gives women in the maritime industry a place to network, a source for mentors and advice, and a voice in the industry.

For Keeler, also a WISTA board member, the organization and af? liation means so much more. “I love being able to spend time with intelligent, accomplished women. I am always so impressed and humbled to see women, like my fellow board members, out there contributing and positively in? uencing the industry while at the same time helping other women advance.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of this formidable force of change. I can’t wait to see what happens to the face of the industry in the next ten years,” she says, adding, “And besides, they laugh at my jokes!” 18-33 Q1 MP2016.indd 25 2/29/2016 10:44:31 AM

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