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Maritime Training and Education

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industry giant. The reasons for this busi- academy. Simulators and content would ness relationship are no less compelling. be connected – for sharing data and en-

Captain Ted Morley, Master Mariner abling decisions to be tested, but also and Chief Operations of? cer of MPT, in connected to enable schools to share

February explained why. “MPT select- content and ship models so that the com- ed Transas back in 2002 when we built munity can learn. All of this training ca- the ? rst privately-owned simulation pability can also be shared with the ship. facility in the country. Transas proved Scenarios can be run on the simulators eager to answer our speci? c needs and using ship traf? c control, ships and op- responded to our out-of-the-box think- erations centers.” THESIS, in essence, ing with regards to simulation applica- promises a partnership with industry tions. They continue to set the standard that far transcends simple simulation. for simulation with their integration and Back at MPT, an ongoing facility ex- ability to utilize actual bridge equip- pansion has brought MPT’s facilities to ment in the simulators. The ability of an impressive 25,000 square feet with integrating all three of our full mission over 15,000 square feet dedicated to bridges, along with our (4) all weather simulation alone. An additional 9,000 of simulators and our engine room simu- existing space is being remodeled with lator, provides an amazing depth to the new classrooms, meeting areas, and a training scenarios that would not be conference center. MPT’s four Broward possible with other equipment.” County campuses are all receiving sig-

Morley’s faith in Transas, over time, has ni? cant technology upgrades allowing been well-placed. That’s because Transas has hardly been sitting on its hands. The

MASSACHUSETTS MARITIME recent Transas Simulation User Confer-

ACADEMY ence in Singapore introduced THESIS, the Transas Harmonized Eco System of

Founded in 1891, the Massachusetts Maritime

Academy is the nation’s oldest and ?nest co-ed

Integrated Solutions. At that conference, maritime college. The Academy prepares young new Transas CEO Frank Coles vocalized women and men for exciting and rewarding ca- his plan to shake up the market with even reers on land and sea. Our graduates have been more innovation. According to Coles, at the very top of seagoing, engineering, environ- “THESIS is the connected community of mental, and international business professions.

the ship, shore of? ce, the ship traf? c au-

POSITIONS AVAILABLE thorities and academy working together

Tenure-track Professional Maritime Faculty on a cloud based shared data platform

Tenure-track Engineering Faculty

Credit: Kongsberg to enable smarter operations, safety and

Tenure-track EPSEM Faculty tioning systems to help companies and navigation.”

Tenure-track Math Faculty researchers improve the state of the art.

Simulator Technician

The THESIS vision is for all sectors

That’s a winning combination for CMS, to share data, and enable one another The Academy is located in Buzzards Bay at

Kongsberg – and industry itself. to make better decisions, better opera- the mouth of the scenic Cape tions and better training. Ship opera-

Cod Canal and is a special

MPT & Transas: tions would be a coordinated evolution, mission college within the

Leveraging the Past, with ship and shore based operations Massachusetts university

Looking to the Future centers working together, on shared college system.

Fully 3,000 miles to the south of the information platforms, the ship and of-

For information about this impressive CMS facility in New Found- ? ce would also work in a community positions and how to apply, visit employment land, Canada, Florida-based Maritime where the ship traf? c control would en- opportunities under Human Resources on our

Professional Training (MPT) offers able better coordination of traf? c move- web page at ZZZPDULWLPHHGX equally impressive facilities and services ments, with decision based tools to en- to a similarly international audience. Un-

MMA is an AA/EEO/Vet/Disability employer. able direction of traf? c.

Members of underrepresented groups are en- like CMS, however, MPT uses simulation

Coles continues, “The fourth element couraged to apply.

technology provided by Transas, another would be training, or what we call the Maritime Professional 33 | | 18-33 Q1 MP2016.indd 33 2/29/2016 10:47:25 AM

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