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Internet Access,


Services Win Workers,

Bolster Retention

By Patricia Keefe to hen you are thousands of miles, and weeks or

Connectivity Fuels Efficiencies months out at sea, the next best thing to physi-

But the value of communications is more than even that,

W cally being there, is an electronic connection says Brent Bruun, KVH Industries Executive Vice President, home, and today, few mariners will board vessels without ac-

Mobile Broadband. “More owners and operators are begin- cess to some form of it. “What seafarers want overwhelmingly ning to look at connectivity as a strategic advantage,” . . . for is a cost-effective way to speak to, and see, their loved ones,” “getting ready for the Internet of Things, [and for] providing notes researcher Futurenautics, adding that with millennials operational updates to the bridge, etc.” in particular considering access to the Internet as important as

KVH CEO Martin Kits van Heyningen was more emphatic access to food and water, “the implications for the maritime in a recent interview. “The maritime industry needs to change industry are likely to be signi

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