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INSIGHTS together to deal with the complexity of trade is our work on the According to Petersen, Flexport is and remains very much a

Denied Parties List application. If a company wants to import full freight forwarder; moving freight all day long for people. But, or export something, they cannot be on this list. It’s maintained and at the same time, the customer experience is enhanced and by the U.S. government and every customs broker and freight Flexport’s transaction costs are lowered because of software. The forwarder has to check that their customers are not on it.” Flexport app and platform are cloud based, meaning companies

But, it’s not that simple. Petersen explains, “Many brokers can access their dashboard at any time while they’re on the go. or companies only check the list once for a company’s name, but if you want to be compliant, you want to check for ev- Value Added ery shipment. We check every hour because we have software The complexity of international trade compliance means automatically running it through, looking for anything that that every single shipment will always need to have an expert matches our fuzzy algorithm. Our software outputs a prob- involved. In addition to providing customers with visibility ability of a match and at that point, we have a human looking and control over their product and competitive rates, logistics and making sure that the software is right.” experts who intimately know how the trade industry works and what the best practices are, will always be a hallmark of

People and Software: the ‘turnkey’ service.

Managing International Trade – together Petersen and Flexport, therefore, take a consultative ap-

Flexport would not be where it is today without the com- proach with clients, continuously looking for opportunities to bination of software and people. Petersen

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