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ABC: A Better Chassis and we strip the chassis down, blast them to bare metal, inspect

It’s a pretty simple piece of equipment. And, for something them to make sure the metal is sound, repaint it with TRAC that is so very important to the entire supply chain, at the end of blue paint, put all new wiring on board, all new airing systems, the day, it boils down to steel, rubber and some hoses. Simple new tires, new brake, lights, the whole nine yards. It then looks in comparison to a lot of other pieces of equipment in the trans- like a brand new chassis. So, we’ve taken a 17 year old chassis portation world, the chassis is nevertheless a registered piece of and extended its life another 15 years. So, a 32-y/o chassis will rolling stock. It is regulated, and says Lovetro, regulated to a look brand new and probably run like brand new. That refur- degree that also is changing. “The Federal motor Carrier Safety bished chassis is what we put into our TRAC select pool.”

Administration (FMCSA) is requiring an inspection and a cer- tain level of safety on the chassis. The amount of regulation is The New Normal for Chassis increasing. Is it as strict as some other industries? Probably not Today, TRAC Intermodal is the nation’s largest intermodal yet.” We asked Lovetro what could be done better and what; chassis pool manager and equipment supplier for domestic in particular, TRAC was doing to set itself apart in the market. and international transportation companies. TRAC Intermo- “There are pieces of this simple equipment that have evolved,” dal’s active

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