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Data Integration:

Seamless real-time fow of 100% accurate data provides organizations the ability to analyze and optimize all their supply chain processes.

ata is at the heart of today’s busi- ness processes and operations.

DExploiting the insights derived from the data holds unparalleled op- portunities for the global ocean ship- ping industry to overcome its signifcant ineffciencies. One frm, Youredi helps industry stakeholders to digitalize and automate processes with modern cloud- based integrations. Investing in digitali- zation does not only reduce costs and im- prove operational effciencies but helps companies to better meet the demanding and growing customer expectations.

Ocean Shipping:

Key Pillar of global Economy

Shipping goods by the sea is far the most popular and cost-effective method of delivering products. Hence, more than 90 percent of all world trade is carried by ship. Consequently, the industry’s performance has a straightforward effect on the global economy. However, utiliz- ing legacy technologies – often tailored systems with own proprietary message formats – causes ineffciencies in the processes, making the global maritime shipping industry less competitive and/ or effcient. The lack of modern technol- ogy is preventing the industry stakehold- ers from sharing data in real-time across multiple parties and make better sense of the available information. Modernization must happen to improve the competitive- ness of the global shipping industry and

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