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BIG DATA was at a given period. This allows users ferent shipmanagers managing a ship or deployed to the KPI Production system. to track any trends in the ships or feet ships mentioned as a user benefts. The Software is based on Open Source performance and assess the reason or Stack (Linux, MySQL, and Python) and reasons for any changes in performance the developing tool used to develop the BIMCO has improved the reporting and thereby enabling the user to act ac- Shipping KPI is MVC framework Play. tool and made sure that the report- cordingly. Further is the possibility for a Furthermore, SOFTImpact, the applica- ing values conform to IMO-rules user to compare the performance of dif- tion development company, also acting and industry-standards. A lot of as legal guardians of the user’s date, cur- work has also gone into improv- rently being ISO 27001 certifed and is ing the user experience. Which IMO covered by the BIMCO IT audit. Users rules and industry standards are login location is logged and monitored we talking about?

All the Performance Indicators and Key and if a user is logging in from a different

Performance Indicators defnitions have location an email is send to the user for been reviewed and amended to refect information.

and refer to the updated and proper IMO regulations including but not limited to; 300 companies use Shipping KPI, re-

MARPOL, MLC and OCIMF standards. porting on around 6,000 ships, this has increased by 1,500 ships since

The data is hosted with an exter- BIMCO acquired the system in 2015. nal company, which is indepen- That’s good progress. When did the dently audited to verify its ability newly designed platform kick off?

The BIMCO Shipping KPI version 3 to safeguard the data. BIMCO does was activated on 1 April 2018 so user not have direct access to the data can start reporting on the Quarter one provided by the participating com- 2018, though still be able to report on panies. Tell us about the cyber safe- 2017 quarters under Shipping KPI ver- guards that are in place.

The architecture of the Shipping KPI is sion 2.6 in their own pace and in order essentially a web application and the way not to break historic data.

it works is by having a server and a client.

The Server side handles all the storage of Shipping KPI is a tool for the entire data, calculation, applying of business industry run on a not-for-proft ba- logic, authentication, authorizing etc. De- sis. How does it differ from other pending on who is requesting something ship rating software – Rightship, it returns the appropriate results. The Cli- for example?

ent side oversees the displaying of the No third parties have access to the data and handling the entire user experi- BIMCO KPI only the users being data ence on how the data and information of providers have access. The BIMCO the server is accessed and displayed. The Shipping KPI system is based on self-

BIMCO Shipping KPI system is hosted reporting and includes elements and on the Amazon EU cloud. The system data which are not publicly available uses password encryption hash function (nationalities, emitted CO2, NOx, Sox, to safely store the users account informa- drydocking, trading area, Commercial tion. As part of the normal operations in- inspections, etc.). Rightship is using formation on the latest security patches publicly available information from and vulnerabilities is gathered and evalu- various sources such as Port State Con- ated. On-top of this Amazon provides se- trol. The BIMCO Shipping KPI is fully curity patching to their hosting platform transparent in terms of elements and on a regular basis. In case any vulnerabil- formulas. Users can under their account ity information is released which poten- grant access to; clients, stakeholder and tially could affect the KPI, the updating third parties, etc. on specifed different patches is initially tested before being levels and periods. 53


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