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Reducing Human Error,

Innovative Geofencing Technology Developed by

Cashman Dredging and Marine Construction Company

By William P. Doyle ecently, I had the opportunity to visit the start-up opera- ed its SGS concept during proceedings of the Western Dredg- tions for what is commonly referred to as Phase II of ing Association’s Dredging Summit & Expo in June 2018. It

Rthe Boston Harbor deepening project. And, while Jay would not be overstating the matter to say that SGS will likely

Cashman, Inc.’s Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting become a dredging industry standard. And, for good reason.

Company (Cashman Dredging) and the Dutra Group joint Human Error is just one of them. Accidental discharge of venture are off to an auspicious start to this important infra- dredge material outside of approved disposal sites is actually structure improvement, I was particularly impressed with the a big problem. Over the past decade, human error has signi

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