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Dredging Roundtable

MAXIE MCGUIRE: Yes, there is adequate ? eet capacity

Does the United States today have the collective as well as a signi? cant amount of new builds in progress and dredging capacity to accomplish all of the mainte- recently entering the market due to the increase in funding for nance dredging and the increasing number of deep- our nation’s infrastructure investments. We’re able to make in- ening projects that are being started in the response vestment decisions that will carry based on a level of certainty to the Panama Canal Expansion?

JAY CASHMAN: Yes, we do. The dredging industry is that we are comfortable with.

ERIC ELLEFSEN: The U.S. industry has proven it is large continuously building vessels and equipment. We keep up enough to complete all of the Nation’s maintenance dredg- with demand. ing and new work dredging in our ship channels. Land reclamation, mostly shore protection on the beaches, has also been a growth market that the in- dustry continues to respond to. In fact, navigation interests will bene? t from the ongoing industry investment to bet- ter serve the reclamation market. There will always be either unforeseen, or un- prepared for, challenges that might pro- duce a short-term hopper dredge short- age on occasion. In the winter, when every entrance channel in the South At- lantic must be maintained over a four- month period due to an environmental window, coupled with a simultaneous rise in the Mississippi River, sometimes puts a little stress on the hopper dredg- ing sector. However, industry works closely with the Army Corps of Engi- neers (Corps) to mobilize dredges from other projects to address these national needs. Today, the Corps Ready Reserve dredge Wheeler supplies that ? re truck response in the Lower Mississippi. In the future, we believe the Corps could save money by using a private sector solution; for example, using a proven ready reserve approach. We are work- ing with the Corps and other interested parties on an industry ? rst solution.

What’s your ? eet renewal strat- egy and are you planning any newbuilds in the near term? Tell us about your newest assets and what’s coming next.

MM: We are currently building a large market cutter suction dredge, the

General MacArthur, for new work, land reclamation, beach renourishment, and maintenance dredging. It is expected to be commissioned in Q2-Q3 2019. Our

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