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TECHNOLOGY include the methodology and the processes to collect and report company to the ship’s Flag Administration or RO for veri? ca- the data and issue a Con? rmation of Compliance (CoC). tion and transmission to a central database managed by the

Below is a schematic that illustrates the process through IMO. After the data has been submitted and veri? ed, a State- which ABS – using NS software and the authority of a Rec- ment of Compliance is issued.

ognized Organization – can support ship-owner compliance The IMO recently set a goal of reducing the emissions from with the emerging IMO-DCS regulation. NS Voyage Manager shipping by 50% by 2050. Measuring the industry’s consump- works irrespective of what RO the ship-owner chooses to use. tion of the different fuels it uses and output of greenhouse

NS Voyage Manager allows the crew to enter information gases will provide the information it needs to inform an effec- once and it is then used for different purposes and outputted tive global strategy. Measurement and veri? cation of that data in regulatory reporting formats that are required. Some of NS is a complex process that places additional responsibilities on

Voyage Manager’s capabilities include: already busy crews. NS Voyage Manager can help to manage • Extensive capture of noon report data, which can be the process ef? ciently.

used for voyage planning, assessing engine and propeller performance, bunkering, navigation, weather and draft metrics

The Author

John Hathaway • Cargo operations data capture to inform a wide rang is Director of Product Management for ABS Nautical of cargo-event tracking

Systems, with overall responsibility for the entire NS

Fleet Management Suite. Since joining ABS in 2007, • Easy capture of voyage event data, with built-in

Hathaway has held various roles of increasing respon- ship-speci

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