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the 1,354-acre Kingsboro Industrial Sites in Rocky Mount, Ohio; Glendale Mega Site, in Glendale, Kentucky; the I-26

North Carolina; the 1,175-acre White Hawk Commerce Park Mega Site, in Newberry, South Carolina; Inland Logistics in Florence, South Carolina; and the 2,055-acre I-26 Mega Port @ Kingsbury, in Kingsbury, Indiana; John Kelsey Busi-

Site in Newberry, South Carolina. ness and Technology Park, in Greenville, Illinois; Kentucky

The South Alabama Mega Site is certifed by the Economic Transpark - Lot 6 in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Kingsboro

Development Partnership of Alabama's Advantage Site pro- Industrial Sites, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

gram and is the third site in the state to be designated a CSX

Select Site. INTERMOdAL LOgISTICS 101 "This site is strategically located between Mobile and Pen- At a recent Hong Kong maritime logistics event, a delega- sacola on CSX's main line, connecting the site to major con- tion from Canada gave a detailed, joint presentation on how sumer markets from the Gulf to the Midwest, and even in- to build the most effcient supply chain possible. One by one, ternational markets through the Port of Mobile," said Clark subject matter experts from rail, ocean shipping, trucking, ter-

Robertson, vice president of business development and e- minal operations and port authorities, got up to speak – all business for CSX. "Earning Select Site status means this site with one collective voice. The message was a simple one: will be pivotal in the region's growth, as companies seize the “Any and all transport modes are only as good as the mode opportunity to swiftly set up operations and leverage the ef- immediately behind and/or in front of mode now in use.” fciency of freight rail. That’s good advice; for any port stakeholder – inland, deep

CSX select sites include Belfast Commerce Centre in Rich- draft or anything in between. With gathering momentum, mond Hill, Georgia; Callaway South Industrial Park in La- U.S.-based ports, shippers and ocean liners are all beginning

Grange, Georgia; Cecil Commerce Center Mega Site in Jack- to come on board. When they do, of course, they’ll need to sonville, Florida; Eastwood Commerce Center, in Lemoyne, frst “take the train.”

A photo of the Love’s truck stop, the only current tenant at America’s Gateway Industrial Center.

Rick Eyerdam

The Author is a Miami-based, national award-winning journalist and editor. He is a former editor of Florida Shipper

Magazine and has served as an adjunct professor of communications at Florida International University.

Eyerdam graduated from Florida State University with a double major in English Literature and Government. His articles have appeared in myriad maritime publications.

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