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LNG CRUISE LOGISTICS us in the industry recognized that 2020 was going to be more

Considering Cost

In any debate on the pros and cons of LNG power for the likely. At Carnival, we took the decision to prepare for that.

maritime sector, another key variable, beyond bunkering avail- “The cost components [in 2015] were completely different ability, is cost. When the International Maritime Organization’s than they are today, but I would say that LNG has remained 0.5% sulfur fuel cap enters force on January 1, 2020, how will much less volatile than some of the other fuels. I’m not mak- bunkering with LNG compare price-wise to other options such ing any cost projections, particularly with 2020 coming up, as MGO or ultra-low sulfur fuel, or HFO and scrubbers? but I do believe LNG is going to be competitive with other

Carnival’s choice of LNG power in early 2015 signifcantly compliant fuels, that it will give us a hedge against a fuctua- pre-dates many of the decisions to do so in commercial ship- tion in fuel costs over time, and that we’re also going to have ping. Belief that the IMO 2020 date would be pushed back was advantages with LNG when it comes to maintenance inter- rampant within shipping circles well beyond 2015. Consequent- vals, cleanliness, and other aspects.” ly, many non-passenger-ship owners held off on decisions. And when additional orders are placed for the next generations

According to Strang, “When we made the decision to go this of larger ships for Carnival Corporation, LNG appears to be in route – and I was part of the group that made the decision – pole position for the power supply. “We’re always looking at we were very active in looking at what the fuel of the future alternatives, but LNG seems the best solution,” Strang affrmed.

would be that would meet or exceed the environmental chal- lenges we saw coming down the turnpike, and that would en- sure our goals around sustainability and our reputation. LNG

Greg Miller

The Author was clearly the best fuel that ticked all the boxes.

is an award-winning journalist and editor. Most “At that time, I don’t think we were looking at it on a price recently, he served as the managing editor of basis,” he recalled. “We were looking at it much more in terms

Fairplay magazine. Prior to his 14 years at of: How is this going to future-proof our vessels?” He agreed

Fairplay, he was the senior editor of Cruise that there was general skepticism about whether the 2020

Industry News and the editor in chief of the deadline would stick, noting, “There were people back then

Virgin Islands Business Journal. He is a graduate of Cornell University. who were talking about a 2025 scenario, but I think many of 37


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