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ate sharing policies that model MOUs they currently have in place to share information. For example, the sharing of blue force positions to specifc partners only during multi-agency events can be easily confgured to automatically shut off at the completion of the event. Additionally, by building mobile frst user interfaces, feld personnel using mobile devices have the same software as operators using PCs in the command center.

FIeld TeSTed & PRoVen

ARES Security recently participated in a ‘DHS Next Genera- tion First Responder Exercise’ to Evaluate New Technologies.

ARES Security Corporation partnered with the U.S. Depart- ment of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology

Directorate and other technology innovators to integrate and evaluate advanced frst responder technologies. Using their situ- ational awareness platform AVERT C2, the cutting-edge succes- sor of the CommandBridge software, ARES Security integrated over 100 disparate sensors that included biometric, location,

HAZMAT, and environmental data streams. During the exer- cise, which took place in December 2018 at the Port of Houston,

AVERT C2 served as the focal point to aggregate, distribute, process and manage information from the frst responder’s sen- sors to improve their safety, response times, and effectiveness. 13 public safety agencies from the Houston area participated in the exercise with the objective of testing leading edge technolo- gies in live HAZMAT, rescue, recovery, and security events.

The situation was based on a HAZMAT scenario. The event for Florida to unite seaports within the state with state and lo- cal government agencies. An ARES spokesperson explained, started with a Mayday and corresponding alert from a multi- gas and particulate matter detector which was reported in “Historically, the state of Florida has sustained multiple natural

AVERT C2. From that gas alert, the operator could escalate disasters and has identifed gaps within the information shar- ing process during these events. The FSTED Council selected the alert into an event that is preloaded with the organization’s

CommandBridge to fll those gaps by strengthening the level standard operating procedure for responding to HAZMAT emergencies, relevant contact sheets, and any other relevant of maritime domain awareness, cyber resilience, and commu- lists. The operator could then establish the Event view within nications during natural and manmade events.”

In a nutshell, the platform will include integration with The AVERT C2, marking off important locations and quarantined areas and setting up watch rules that would alert to any incom-

Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analy- sis Organization’s (MPS-ISAO) critical cybersecurity alerts. ing traffc that needs to be intercepted.

All responders all had tracking devices which appeared as

Florida seaports will beneft from the MPS-ISAO’s Cyber- security Service which advances maritime cyber resilience icons overlaid onto the map view, which allowed Command to keep up with their locations and their vitals in real time. When through the sharing of cyber threat intelligence and coordi- nated response. The unifed solution will be shared with up to a victim was located, the responders would place a VitalTag on their chest or fnger so Command could then also track 14 Florida ports as well as 10 other state and regional agencies to streamline communications and operations during regional the victims’ location and vitals which helps to prioritize care. or state-wide events in order to help responders make quick, Throughout the event the various sensors would send alerts into

AVERT C2 noting that a victim is in shock when their heart rate informed decisions for improved responses.

Over time, the system has evolved in many ways, not the spiked, or a responder is in too dangerous of an area if the gas least of which is that AVERT C2 is an entirely new version readings were too high. In the end it was very useful to show of the software. The primary evolutions of the software have how AVERT C2 could help connect various organizations and sensors into a singular view to enhance collaboration efforts. been focused on regional sharing capabilities and mobile sup- “The DHS Next Generation First Responder exercise proved port for operators outside the command center. For collabora- to be benefcial to all parties involved,” said ARES Security’s tion, AVERT C2 now has the ability for organizations to cre- 51


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