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Container Ports

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FUEL LOGISTICS – and Beyond ning to assuage the concerns about actual availability of VLSFO.

Follow the Money

From a ?nancial standpoint, the voyage has already been Like any new product roll-out, supplies will be available at ma- treacherous. Mr. Chris Hudson, from commodities specialist jor bunkering hubs and the invariable discussions of haves and have-nots will place outports in the “might have” basket.

Freight Investor Services (FIS), wrote that: “It’s fair to conclude that the market is still unsure of how to prepare ?nancially for ‘Refining’ the Supply Outlook the changes.” In late March, 2019, less than 10 months until the

Consultants EnSys, based in Houston (which, along with new rules came into effect, FIS wrote: “The market is pricing the difference between the HSFO and VLSFO at around $185-200/ Boston-based Navigistics, has been a leading investigator of ton, yet these values can change like the wind and are current the IMO 2020 related issues) explained to MLP: “We analyze marine fuels supply and the impacts of the IMO 2020 Rule by prices for future dates.” These wind currents will depend on ac- simulating and projecting the total global petroleum ‘liquids’ tual availabilities.

supply/re?ning/transport/demand system. This approach cap-

The oil majors, though mum on their speci?c re?nery con- tures all the interactions in the system and means all the num- ?gurations in the face of changed requirements, are now begin- 33


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