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Container Ports

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Ocean Freight Exchange

A slightly different take on fuel availability, with a decidedly info-centric approach, comes from Ocean Freight Exchange, a vessel chartering platform, utilizing advanced statisti- cal modeling, online at Its CEO, John Hahn, told MLPro, “Right Bunker is our bunker delivery optimization platform which increases turns for the bunker tanker and reduces waiting time for both the bunker tanker and the vessel. We don't do procure- ment, but only focus on the delivery.” When asked about port selections, he said: “We believe that the desired fuels will be available in all of the major bunkering ports, includ- ing Singapore, Fujairah, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Shanghai, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Hong Kong,

Gibraltar, Panama, Houston, and LA/Long Beach. For more niche routes, vessel operators may adjust where they bunker, but it won't be a big deal.” He acknowledged some of the dif?culties that may lie ahead, telling MLPro, “By adding more grades, less tankers in service due to tank cleaning, ‘spec’ problems like water content, quantity shortages, and other complexities, the logistics and delivery of bunkers will become more dif?cult than it already is. We hear that maritime lawyers are excited for the many claims to come.” 35


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