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ASME Marine Committee

To Present Thirteen Papers At

Zurich Gas Turbine Conference

The Marine Committee of The American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers Gas Turbine

Division is presenting a program at the Gas

Turbine Conference in Zurich between March 30 and April 4, 1974. This program consists of 13 interesting and timely papers as well as a

Forum on Marine Gas Turbines.

The marine program is as follows:

April 1, Morning Session—Subject: "Installa- tion, Application and Maintenance of Marine

Gas Turbines"; chairman, P.E. Speicher Jr.,

U.S. Department of Commerce, Maritime Ad- ministration, Washington, D.C.; vice chairman,

R. DuPont, ACEC, Division de Gand, Gand,

Belgium. "Gas Turbines in Ships—The Installation

Problem," J. Neumann, Yard Ltd., Glasgow,

Scotland. "Noise Control of Marine Gas Turbines in

Propulsion and Auxiliary Power Applications,"

M.I. Schiff, Special Products Department, In- ternational Acoustics Company, Inc., Bronx,

N.Y. "Controllable Pitch Propellers in the DD- 963; A Status Report," D.E. Ridley and R.C.

Case, Bird-Johnson Co., Walpole, Mass. "Operating Experience of Kongsberg Gas

Turbines and Marine Systems on Board Mer- chant Ships," T.H. Westrum, Gas Turbine

Division, Kongsberg Vapenfabrik, Kongsberg,

Norway. "Water Jet Propulsion Systems—Design

Studies Using a Computer," D.A. Frith, Aero- nautical Research Laboratories, Melbourne,


April 1, Afternoon Session—Subject: "Ma- rine Gas Turbine Fuels, Lubrication, Protec- tive Coatings and Economic Comparisons"; chairman, R.J. Bradford Jr., National Steel and

Shipbuilding Co., San Diego, Calif.; vice chair- /7\\


GILLEN BACKS EVEKY JOB ...with over 100 years of the best in service

WEST END AVENUE, OYSTER BAY, NEW YORK, N.Y. 11771 • 212-895-8110 man, Dr. H.N. Sharan, Gebr Sulzer, Winterhur,

Switzerland. "Supplementary Analytical Procedures for

Evaluation Fuel Handling Characteristics of

Heavy Distillate Gas Turbine Fuels," E.G.

Barry, Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, N.J., and S.P. Cauley, Mobil Oil Corporation, New

York, N.Y. "A General Review of Lubrication Systems for Marine Gas Turbines," A.S. Morrow, Shell

Oil Company, Chicago, 111. "Initial Work on the Application of Protec- tive Coatings to Marine Gas Turbine Com- ponents by High Rate Sputtering," E.D. Mc-

Clanahan and R. Busch, Battelle Pacific North- west, Richland, Wash., J. Fairbanks, Naval

Ships Engineering Center, Hyattsville, Md., and J.W. Patten, Battelle Pacific Northwest,

Richland, Wash. "Gas Turbine Propulsion—An Engineering and Economic Comparison of Mechanical Ver- sus Electrical Drive," E. Gott, ASEA, Gote- borg, Sweden, and S.O. Svensson, Stal-Laval

Turbine AB, Finspong, Sweden.

April 2, Morning Session—Subject: "Mili- tary Applications of Marine Gas Turbines"; chairman, J. Siemietkowski, Navall Ship Engi- neering Center, Philadelphia, Pa.; vice chair- man, H.B. Wiken, A/S Norsk Elecktrisk &

Brown Boveri, Oslo, Norway. "A Cruise Gas Turbine Naval Ships," H.E.

Johnson, Rolls-Royce Ltd., Coventry, England. "Planning and Development for a New Gen- eration of Gas Turbine Ships in the U.S.

Navy," R.E. Goldman and R.R. Peterson, Na- val Ship Systems Command, Washington, D.C. "Gas Turbines in the Royal Navy, 1970- 1973," R.T. Shaw, Ministry of Defence, Bath,

United Kingdom. "Test and Sea Experience of the GE LM2500

Propulsion Gas Turbine Mrdule," R.W. Bris- ken and W.R. Bobo, General Electric Com- pany, Cincinnati, Ohio.

April 3, Afternoon Session—Marine Gas

Turbine Forum—chairman, C.E.M. Preston,

Rolls-Royce Ltd., Warwickshire, England; vice chairman, P. Zenker, Energieversorgung

Oberhausen AG, Postfach, Germany; modera- tor, J. Herdlevaer, Kvaerner Brug A/S, Oslo,


This forum will be conducted by the moder- ator, who will field questions from the audi- ence. The answers to these questions will come from experts on marine gas turbines, who will also be in the audience. 34

FROM HALIFAX: Ready for oil exploration in the North

Sea, this Halifax-built semisubmersible, Sedneth 701, is shown undergoing tests for its thrusters in Halifax Har- bor. The unit is one of six semisubmersibles for the oil in- dustry, either built by or on order with the Halifax Ship- yards. Sedneth 701 will be delivered to its owners, Neder- landse Zeebormaatschappij B.V. (Sea Drilling Nether- lands).

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