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A.L. Burbank Forms

Shipcentral, Limited —Tsao Named To Board

Peter Burbank, president of A.L.

Burbank & Company, Ltd., New

York, N.Y., has announced the elec- tion of Franklin W.L. Tsao as a di- rector to its hoard and the forma- tion of an affiliated company, Ship- central, Limited, New York, of which Mr. Tsao is the president.

The board of directors of Shipcen- tral includes George Y.Y. Tsao,

Peter Burbank, John R. Sheffield, and Franklin W.L. Tsao.

Mr. Tsao, who is also a director of the International Maritime Car- riers group of shipping companies with offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur, graduated from

McGill University as an electrical engineer, received a degree in naval architecture and marine engineer- ing from the University of Michi- gan, and earned a master's degree in business administration (finance) from Columbia University. In 1968, he joined A.L. Burbank & Com- pany, Ltd., specializing in new con- struction projects and has since effectively applied his knowledge to the technical, economical and finan- cial aspects of each project for his clients. Involving arrangements with owners, builders, charterers, and bankers, Mr. Tsao's efforts have resulted in the conclusion of a considerable number of projects for

GM leading shipowners in the United

States and Europe. Included, have been numerous types of specialized bulkcarriers, super, very large (VLGC) and ultra large (ULCC) tankers, large liquefied gas carriers, and products carriers for which, in most cases, customized charters were arranged. Shipcentral will fur- ther emphasize the above services, together with expansion into other related services for shipowners.

Alden Appoints

Armand D. Bouchard

Marine Sales Manager

Armand D. Bouchard

Lawrence A. Farrington, general sales manager for Alden Electronic & Impulse Recording Equipment

Co., Inc., Westboro, Mass., has an- nounced the appointment of Ar- mand D. Bouchard to the position of manager of marine sales.

Mr. Bouchard will be responsible for coordinating Alden's sales and marketing programs for the Alden 519 Radiofacsimile System to the marine market throughout the

United States.

The 519 Radiofacsimile System is designed to be used 'by ships at sea and offshore drilling platforms to receive various weather charts de- picting data on atmospheric and wind conditions, sea conditions, storm movements, ice flows, etc. via radiofacsimile transmitters lo- cated around the world.

In making this announcement,

Mr. Farrington pointed out that the marine industry is forecasted for significant growth in all areas, especially those related to the ener- gy crisis, such as oil tankers and offshore oil drilling platforms.

Diamond M Drilling

Names H.E. Whalen

Operations Manager

Don E. McMahon, president and chief executive officer of Diamond

M Drilling Company, Houston,

Texas, has announced that H.E.

Whalen has joined the firm as man- ager of operations and will make his headquarters at the company's offices in Morgan City, La.

Mr. Whalen received his B.S. de- gree in petroleum and geological engineering from Texas A&M Uni- versity. For the past two years, he was Southeast Asia operations manager for Teledyne Mobile Off- shore in Singapore. Previously, Mr.

Whalen was an engineer with Ten- neco Oil Company and supervised the drilling of offshore wells.

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