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AAPA Committee

Names John Finnegan

Charles S. Devoy, president of the American Association of Port

Authorities (AAPA), recently an- nounced the appointment of John

F. Finnegan Jr., manager of marine operations for the Niagra Frontier

Transportation Authority (NFTA), to membership on Committee IV-

Construction and Maintenance, for 1974.

AAPA is a national association whose membership is comprised of most major ports in the country.

Management personnel serve on various AAPA committees which decide policy and planning valuable to member ports. Committee IV, one of the most prestigious com- mittees of AAPA, has the responsi- bility of preparing a handbook covering construction, maintenance and general operational procedures of a port.

Since its inception seven years ago, the Niagra Frontier Trans- portation Authority has been ad- ministering the Port of Buffalo (which includes the Buffalo Port

Terminal and Seaway Piers) locat- ed on Fuhrmann Boulevard. Dur- ing this time, the property has been renovated, improved and developed into a first-rate facility. A fair share of the credit for this effort should be given to Mr. Finnegan.

A veteran marine construction diver and contractor, as well as a licensed Coast Guard captain, Mr.

Finnegan has brought a wealth of waterfront knowledge to the opera- tional aspects of the Port of Buffalo.

Soviet Trading Firm

Takes Space In N.Y/s

World Trade Center

Amtorg Trading Corporation, which represents Soviet foreign trade organizations in the United

States, will open a new office at the

World Trade Center, New York,

N.Y., this summer, it was announced by Viktor I. Bessmertniy, president and chairman of Amtorg, and Com- missioner Andrew C. Axtell of The

Port Authority of New York and

New Jersey.

Amtorg's new space at the Trade

Center will be used as an informa- tion office to provide U.S. business- men with full information on Soviet goods for export, particularly ma- chinery, industrial instruments and equipment, and raw materials.

At a lease signing ceremony held at the World Trade Center, Mr.

Bessmertniy said: "The signing of this contract for setting up an in- formation service for Amtorg will contribute to the promotion and strengthening trade relations be- tween U.S.A. companies and Sovi- et foreign trade organizations, and involving a great number of Ameri- can companies in trade contacts with Soviet trade organizations."

Commissioner Axtell said : "I am convinced on the basis of my par- ticipation in the Port Authority's trade mission to Moscow and Len- ingrad last year, that a greater flow of trade between our respective na- tions will be of lasting benefit to our two peoples. Now that regular steamship service is available be- tween the Port of New York-New

Jersey and the Soviet Union, we can look forward to ever-increasing commerce between the U.S. and the

USSR. In this exchange of goods, which I hope will flourish for years to come, Amtorg and the World

Trade Center will naturally play a leading part."

Also participating in the lease signing ceremony were Konstantin

T. Lvov, general representative of

Amtorg Trading Corporation in the

USSR, and John B. McAvey, depu- ty director of world trade for the

Port Authority.

Amtorg's occupancy represents the first participation in the Trade

Center of an agency of the Union of

Soviet Socialist Republics. There are more than 50 nations represent- ed in the World Trade Center, either through private firms or offi- cial Government agencies. In all, over 400 international firms and

Government organizations are now doing business at the Trade Center.

Amtorg Trading 'Corporation was established in New York in May 1924, to consolidate the representa- tion of Soviet agencies handling trade between the United States and USSR. Amtorg also maintains an office at 355 Lexington Avenue in New York City.

If it's steel, Bertie Spell understands it. He ought to.

He's been working with it for twenty-two years. As the foreman of our hull department, he knows a little something about ship fitting. (In fact, he's probably the best plate hanger in the southeast.)

Bertie Spell is good at his job, and he's only one of a whole crew of good men. Plus this is a good town, and the weather's good year 'round. Come see us. Whether you need voyage repairs or a major conversion, Bertie will see you get a super job.

Savannah Machine and Shipyard Co.

P.O. Box 787, Savannah, Ga. 31402

Tele. (912) 233-6621 5 World Trade Center, Room 6237

New York, N.Y. 10048, Tele. (212) 432-0350

Presenting our man of steel.

March 1, 1974 39

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