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Engelhard To Provide

Cathodic Protection For 16 Navy Destroyers

The Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries has signed a contract with Engelhard Industries,

Murray Hill, N.J., for its Systems

Department to provide Capac® ca- thodic protection systems for installa- tion on 16 new U.S. Navy multimis- sion destroyers. The first of the new destroyers, the USS Spruance (DD- 963), has already been launched and six more are now in production. In- galls is building the Spruance de- stroyers under a multiyear contract awarded to the company in 1970.

The Engelhard Capac automatical- ly controlled cathodic protection sys- tems being installed consist of plati- nized anodes along with the standard

Capac reference electrode, internal power supply and control equipment.

The 563-foot Spruance is primarily an antisubmarine vessel, but will have other missions as well. It can be assigned to bombard shore positions, support amphibious assaults, escort military and merchant ship convoys, perform surveillance and trailing of hostile surface ships, establish block- ades and undertake search and rescue operations.

The Capac-protected destroyer is 150 feet longer than the latest class of destroyer now in the Navy fleer.

With a speed in excess of 30 knots, it will be among the fastest Navy ships.

Worldwide Weather Insurance

Day or night, foul or foggy weather, you'll find Benmar MR-12 Radar providing weather insurance aboard commercial fishing and work boats around the world. Your profits depend upon all weather use of your vessels.

MR-12 Radar's proven capabili- ties and reliability help you make the most efficient use of your time, fuel and investment.

There are several obvious rea- sons why so many owners of fishing and work boats choose this radar over all others. It includes some features unavail- able on any other set. Some of these reasons are:

Electronic bearing Indicator only found on radars costing $2000 to $7000 more

Advanced state micro-logic system 40% larger usable area cathode ray tubef clear definition even In daylight 16 mile long range plus crystal clear 25 yards

Exclusive automatic fingertip control

True 2 unit radar — low cost installation

The not quite so obvious reason boatmen choose Benmar MR-12

Radar is their respect for the reli- ability of our complete line of marine electronic equipment and its 30 year reputation for—per- formance when you need itl World- wide, you'll find more than 500

Benmar Dealers offering sales and service. Contact your nearest Benmar

Dealer, with our weather insurance you'll be safer and richerl

Benmar 3000 W. Warner, Santa Ana. CA 92704 • 714/540-5120



We're located right at the entrance to New York harbor . . . which is why Pouch's lay berth facilities make so much sense. At Pouch, when you have pierside repairs, you don't get "tied up" with in-harbor congestion!



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Gam/tie offer not valid for home use.1 r 13311-MAR Union Ave./Cleveland, Ohio 44120

Telex: 980-374 Phone: (216) 283-0300

Northen Of ACT/PACE

Elected CI President

Michael B. Northen

Michael B. Northen, president of

Associated Container Transporta- tion/PACE Line, has been elected president of The Containerization

Institute, the international trade or- ganization of the multibillion-dollar intermodal industry.

Mr. Northen, who is also on the board of directors of ACT (Austra- lia) , the London-based group which operates the worldwide container service to Australia and New Zea- land, was chosen for the CI post at the 14th annual meeting held at the

Biltmore Hotel in New York City.

Mr. Northen joined ACT in 1969 at its inception, after more than a decade with Blue Star Line, one of the partner companies, and shared the responsibility of developing the service.

Also at the meeting, Warren L.

Serenbetz, president of Interpool

Ltd., was reelected board chairman;

Clifford B. O'Hara, director of com- merce for the Port Authority of

New York and New Jersey, elected executive vice president; and Jo- seph P. O'Donnell, international traffic manager of Eastman Kodak

Co., and George McManis, vice president of Trailmohile, elected vice presidents.

Reappointed were William J.

Marquette as executive director, and John T. Cassidy, senior vice president of Dart Containerline

Inc., coordinator and steering com- mittee chairman.

Dravo Ncrnies MacNctb

Marketing Manager For

Engineering Works Div.

Bruce E. MacNab has been ap- pointed manager of marketing for

Dravo Corporation's Engineering

Works Division.

Mr. MacNab, a former director of corporate marketing for Jeffrey Ga- lion Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, will handle marketing and sales man- agement of the division's materials handling, systems and equipment product lines.

His previous experience includes positions as marketing director for

Buckeye International's Steel Divi- sion and manager of research and engineering for North American

Aviation Inc. A graduate of Deni- son University and 'Ohio State Uni- versity, where he received a mas- ter's degree in (business administra- tion and a doctoral degree-in indus- trial marketing, Mr. MacNab is a member of the Licensing Execu- tives Society Inc., International

Executives Assn.*, American Eco- nomic Assn., Newcomeri Society and American Marketing Assn. 44 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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