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The Bethlehem JACK-UP

Outstanding Durability. We have engineered and built more than 20 drilling and workover rigs based on this successful Bethlehem design. The first of this series, built by Beaumont in 1957, is still in service; one or another of these rigs has withstood each major hurricane to hit the Gulf of Mexico since that date.

Bethlehem rigs are also working off the Atlantic and

Pacific Coasts of South America, in the Celebes and

Java Seas, and off the West Coast of Africa.

Great Stability. Afloat, these Bethlehem rigs offer trim towing characteristics for safe, long-distance jour- neys. On location, the large mat is at home on a wide range of bottom conditions, from the extremely weak alluvial soils off the Louisiana coast... to the harsh, irregular bottoms of the Pacific shelf off Ecuador and

Peru. The rig's fail-safe, semi-automated jacking sys- tem assures positive and fast platform positioning above the mat.

Highly Flexible Design. Each Bethlehem jack-up is engineered to meet the owner's precise requirements.

He is given wide latitude in specifying machinery and equipment, crew accommodations, storage space al- lotments, etc. He may opt for propulsion assist units, and choose between tubular and structural leg con- struction. Rig size is another owner's choice: we've built them small (both drilling and workover rigs) for working depths to 70 ft, and others large enough to drill comfortably in 300-ft waters.

Nearly a fifth of all the jack-up rigs working worldwide today were built by Bethlehem to the Beth- lehem design. And more rigs are on the way from our Beaumont and Singapore Yards—both have developed rig-production meth- ods that save time and cut costs without sacrificing any of the top- notch quality for which our rigs are famous. The Bethlehem Jack-

Up: best buy in the industry.




Beaumont, Texas 77704

Phone: (713) 832-8411

Telex: 77-9441 BETHSCO BMT

Cables: BETHSHIP New York

Beaumont is the U.S. representative of Bethlehem

Singapore Pte. Ltd., our construction yard serving the offshore industry in the Far East.

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