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SNAME Philadelphia Section

Discusses Marine Applications

For Heavy Duty Gas Turbines

Principals shown above at the Philadelphia Section meet- ing, left to right: (seated) S.M. Kaplan, F.X. Critelli, A.

Caruvana, authors; J.M. Bollinger, coordinator; (stand- ing) H.T. McVey, Section vice chairman; T.J. Kavanagh, chairman; W.6. Neal Jr. and A.C. Brown, executive committee.

The subject of the February meeting of the

Philadelphia Section of The Society of Naval

Architects and Marine Engineers was heavy- duty marine gas turbines.

Francis X. Critelli, U.S. Department of

Commerce Maritime Administration, Saul M.

Kaplan, and Anthony Caruvana, General Elec- tric Company Gas Turbine Products Division, presented their paper titled "Heavy^Duty Gas

Turbine Development Project."

The paper presents a general overview of the joint General Electric Company and Mari- time Administration project to marinize the industrial regenerative gas turbine as a more economically and technically competitive form of propulsion power generation for ships of the U.S. merchant marine. The overview in- cludes the logic for the initiation of specific development efforts, present status of hard- ware-related developments, and future poten- tial for marine applications.

J.M. Ballinger, Sun Shipbuilding & Dry

Dock Co., coordinated the meeting for the local Section.

Discussers included G.C. Swensson, Sun

Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.; R.B. McFadden,

J.J. Henry Co., Inc., and T. Radkevich, West- inghouse Electric Corporation.

Combustion Engineering

Names Six Vice Presidents

The appointment 'of a marketing and admin- istration vice president and five regional sales vice presidents was announced by John P.

Tully, vice president of sales and marketing for the C-E Power Systems Group of Com- bustion Engineering, Inc., Windsor, 'Conn.

Harold Massey Jr. was appointed vice presi- dent, marketing and administration, and Wel- don K. Combs, Russell H. Holm, Donald E.

Lyons, Paul L. McGill and Theophilus A.

Pierce Jr. were appointed regional sales vice presidents. 'Combustion Engineering's 1973 sales were $1,272,733,000. The company provides a broad range of energy equipment, including fossil fueled and nuclear steam generating systems, petroleum and gas production processing equipment, refractories, minerals, pollution control systems, screening equipment, build- ing products, tempered safety glass, nuclear components, and designs petroleum, chemical and petrochemical process facilities.

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