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advertise to thousands more marine buyers in the onshore market... and to the entire commercial marine Held in MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering Hews

Let's face it...the offshore oil drilling market is a part of the marine industry. Drilling rigs, supply vessels, crew boats, research vessels, workboats, tugs, dredges, barges, etc—are all designed by naval architects, constructed in shipyards and operated by vessel owners.

This is floating equipment... and the men who make the decisions and do the buying of all machinery and services are marine men, with marine problems and marine interests.

MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News has always covered the shoreside buyers of marine equipment in the offshore drilling market completely.

MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News has a circulation to shoreside management, design and purchasing men in vessel operations, shipbuilding, ship repair and naval architecture THOUSANDS

LARGER than ANY other trade publication in the world.

The magazines referred to include... Offshore, Ocean Industry, Oceanology International and Off- shore Technology, Seatrade, Marine Engineering/Log, Waterways Journal, Workboat, The Motor Ship,

Marine Equipment News, Shipbuilding and Shipping Record, etc.

Why settle for half...when MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News gives you this unequalled circulation to thousands more shoreside buyers throughout your entire commercial marine market... including offshore drilling.. .for unmatched results from your marine advertising.


Send for a detailed comparison of the circulation of MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News and ANY other publication you name.




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