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Ryan & Walsh Form

Stevedoring Firm For

Mid-Gulf Coastal Area

Formation of a new stevedoring operation in the mid-Gulf coastal region has been announced by the two participating companies. To be known as Ryan-Walsh Stevedoring

Company, Inc., it is the joint enter- prise of Ryan Stevedoring Co., and

Walsh Stevedoring Co., both with main offices in Mobile, Ala., and each having deep-rooted associa- tion with shipping activity in the

Gulf area.

Gregory L. Leatherbury has been named president of the new com- pany, E.B. Peebles Jr., senior exec- utive vice president, and William

D. Walsh and James A. Crosland executive vice presidents.

Ryan-Walsh will maintain execu- tive offices at Mobile, with other offices in New Orleans, La., Gulf- port and Pascagoula, Miss., Pensa- cola and Panama City, F-la., and

Georgetown, S.C.

Container Services International,

Southern Steamship Agency, and

Southern Marine Services, Inc., all former subsidiaries of Ryan, be- come subsidiaries of the newly merged company, according to the announcement.

Kings Point Reports

Its Scholars Program 'Progressing Well'

After two years of operation, the

Kings Point Scholars Program, which offers outstanding seniors at the United States Merchant Marine

Academy at Kings Point, N.Y., the opportunity to research a subject of current interest to the maritime in- dustry, is "progressing well," ac- cording to a status report issued by the Academy.

Under the auspices of the Mari- time Administration's National Re- search Center, the program calls for an in-depth study to be submit- ted at the end of the semester by each participating midshipman.

The 1972 Scholars examined the timely topic of liquefied natural gas. Their studies were issued to interested parties in Government and private industry, where they met with favorable comment.

Specifically, the studies and their authors were Mark E. Prose, "Liquefied Natural Gas and World

Energy Resources"; James R. Van

Langen, "Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefaction Plants and Associated

Shoreside Operations," and Robert

Curt and Timothy Delaney, "Ma- rine Transportation of Liquefied

Natural Gas."

The recently issued report fur- ther revealed that the studies com- pleted by the 1973 Scholars are presently being edited and prepared for publication by the NMRC.

They will be published within the next few months.

The studies and authors are Wil- liam Bailey, "Biological Treatment of Shipboard Sanitary Waste Wa- ter" ; Joseph Crisante, "New Ap- plications, of Non-Metallic Matter

April 1, 1974

Aboard Ship"; David Hicks, "Ap- plication of Super - Conducting

Electrical Machinery to the Pro- pulsion Systems of Commercial

Vessels," and Michael McCauley, "Deep Ocean Mining in Legal Per- spective."

The Kings Point Scholars are se- lected from a group of exceptional- ly capable midshipmen. They carry out a stimulating and challenging research and study program, assist- ed by faculty members well ac- quainted with the particular areas of study.

The 1974 Scholars are progress- ing well on their projects, accord- ing to the recently issued report.

The midshipmen and their topics are Thomas Kazusky, "Linkage for

Rough Water TugjBarge Combin- ations" ; Patrick Moloney, "Subma- rine Tanker Concepts and Prob- lems," and Jeffrey Thornton, "Eu- trophication : The Role of Chemical

Nutrients in Algae Growth."

All participants in the Kings

Point Scholars Program are hold- ers of Academic Stars for Excel- lence and have completed a year of training aboard ship, carrying out a work-study program that brought them to ports in various parts of the world.

The United States Merchant Ma- rine Academy is a Federal institu- tion, part of the Maritime Adminis- tration of the U.S. Department of


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