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Phila. Section SNAME

Annual Dinner-Dance

To Be Held May 11th

The Philadelphia Section o'f The

Society of Naval Architects and

Marine Engineers will hold its 24th

Annual Spring Dinner-Dance on

May 11, 1974, at the Marriott Mo- tor Hotel on City Line Avenue,

Philadelphia, Pa.

The affair will be held in the lux- urious Commonwealth Ballroom, part of the Marriott's Convention

Center. Featured will be the big band sound of A1 Raymond and his orchestra.

Members and guests of the mari- time industry and SNAME are in- vited to attend. The cost is $15 per person.

A block of rooms is being set aside for out-of-town visitors. For reservations to 'be guaranteed, ar- rangements should be made two weeks prior to the scheduled date by contacting the Marriott Motor

Hotel, City Line Avenue, Philadel- phia, Pa. 19131, Attention: SNAME

Reservations Desk.

Tickets are available by contact- ing John Hofstetter, c/o I.T.E. Im- perial 1900 Hamilton Street, Phila- delphia, Pa. 19130.

A.P. Moller Appoints

C. Rentz-Petersen

Managing Director

A. P. Moller, Copenhagen, has announced the appointment of C.

Rentz-Petersen as managing direc- tor.

Mr. Rentz-Petersen joined A.P.

Moller in 1933 and worked in vari- ous departments. In 1942, he was appointed charterer in the tanker department. In 1968, Mr. Rentz-

Petersen was named to head the tanker department, and a year later was appointed assistant director.

The new position involves fre- quent business trips to large inter- national oil and shipping companies, and to various organizations and unions where he is a board mem- ber.

Mr. Rentz-Petersen represents

Danish Shipping and A.P. Moller in INTERTANKO, TOVALOP,

IMOO, and the International

Chamber of Shipping.

The Chesapeake Section of The

Society of Naval Architects and

Marine Engineers held the fifth meeting of its program on Febru- ary 7, 1974, at the Walter Reed

Hospital Officers' Club, Washing- ton, D.C.

Following the social ihour and dinner, which were enjoyed by ap- proximately 106 members and guests, chairman Seth Hawkins opened the meeting by welcoming those in attendance and especially noting that the president of

SNAME, Phillip Eisenberg, was also in attendance. Next, he com- mented on the "incredible success" of the Sailing Yacht Symposium at the Naval Academy on January 19, 1974, sponsored by the Chesapeake

Section under the leadership of

Capt. Richards Miller, USN (ret.).

Reports indicated that over 650 persons attended the meeting.

A special program was provided by John Horton, general chairman of the SNAME Annual Spring

Meeting which will 'be held May 22-24, 1974, in Chicago. Mr. Hor- ton presented a slide, show describ- ing the theme of the meeting, "Do- mestic Shipping Program," and in addition described a special and dis- tinct "Woman's Program," which will be provided to all the ladies in attendance.

The moderator for the technical program was John Nachtsheim, As- sistant Administrator for Opera- tions, Maritime Administration, who described the technical paper "The MarAd Pollution Abatement

Program" as an outstanding com- pilation of information on all facets of the pollution aibatement pro- gram. He also commended the en- tire Mai-Ad Environmental Activi- ties Group for this excellent over- all coordination effort they provid- ed in support of MarAd's tanker shipbuilding program. He intro- duced the co-authors, Capt. George

Steinman, 'USCG (ret.), and Wal- ter Chappel, of the Environmental

Activities Group, Maritime Admin- istration. 'Captain Steinman presented the first half of the program and one of his first comments was that the title of the paper will be changed to "MarAd Pollution Abatement

Program in Relation to the 1973

IMOO Marine Pollution Conven- tion." The paper presents an over- view of the Maritime Administra- tion basic goals and missions in the measures taken to abate and con- trol pollution from ships, especial- ly tankers. The main .thrust of the agency-wide program is in the pre- vention of oil pollution through cost effective measures which would maintain the competitive po- sition df the U.S. merchant fleet.

The MarAd pollution abatement program is based on the achieve- ment of our national goals of the elimination of the intentional pollu- tion by ships by 1975, and the minimization of accidental pollu- tion by the end of the decade. Em- phasis is placed on reaching these goals through international agree- ments. The impact of the 1973

IMOO Marine Pollution Conven- tion is analyzed for economic and environmental factors.

Prepared discussions of the pa- per were presented ;by D. Roseman,

Hydronautics; E. Scott Dillon,

MarAd (ret.) ; J. Mackenzie, J.J.

Henry Co., Inc.; W.O. Gray, Ex- xon; Capt. H. Bell, US'GG; R. Kiss and A. Landsburg, MarAd.

As a result of this meeting and discussion, the membership gained a considerable insight into the in- ternational pollution abatement program and its far-reaching ef- fects.




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SNAME Chesapeake Section Hears Paper

On MarAd Pollution Abatement Program

Pictured at the SNAME Chesapeake Section February meeting, left to right: (standing)

John Nachtsheim, moderator, MarAd; Patricia McGovem, George G. Sharp, Inc.;

John Horton, general chairman, 1974 SNAME Annual Spring Meeting; Phillip Eisenberg, president, SNAME; Mrs. George Steinman; Captain Steinman, author, MarAd; (kneeling)

Donald Roseman, discusser, Hydronautics, Inc.; Seth Hawkins, Section chairman, and

Walter Chappel, author, MarAd. 46 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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