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Avondale Awarded

Semisubmersible Rig

Contract By SEDCO

Avondale Shipyards, 'Inc. of New

Orleans, La., a subsidiary of Ogden

Corporation, has been awarded a contract by South Eastern Drilling-

Company (SEDCO) for the con- struction of an additional semisub- mersible offshore drilling rig at a contract price in excess of $20,000,- 000.

This Gulf of Mexico type drilling rig, designated Rig 709, is similar to the two rigs previously built by

Avondale for SEDCO, and is sched- uled for delivery in November 1976.

Ogden's Avondale Shipyards, a leading American shipbuilder, is also a major producer of offshore drilling rigs and fixed platforms.

With the delivery of this new rig for SEDCO, Avondale will have constructed a total of 12 since 1972.

In size, the rigs have an overall length of 295 feet, an overall beam of 245 feet, and the height from base line to the main deck is 112 feet. The overall height will be 168 feet above the base line, and the operating draft is 85 feet. Living facilities for 100 men will be a fea- ture of the new rigs.

Carrington Slipways

Describes Operations

In New Brochure

Carrington Slipways Pty. Ltd.,

Old Punt Road, Tomago, N.S.W.,

Australia 2322, has recently pub- lished a brochure describing their 40-acre shipyard that has been building oil rig supply vessels, tugs and special purpose vessels for

American and European owners for worldwide service.

Carrington Slipways, only 15 years ago a small four-acre yard, has steadily grown to the present 40-acre flow-line shipyard equipped with the latest facilities and equip- ment, a highly qualified staff and the personal attention of the La- verick family. Capable of doubling present production, Carrington is now building vessels up to 400 feet in overall length.

Write to D.J. Laverick at the ad- dress above for a copy of the bro- chure.

Wilmington Shipping

Names T.A. Dromgool

As New York Area Rep

Thomas A. Dromgool of Drom- gool Associates, Inc., 'New York,

N.Y., has been appointed by Wil- mington Shipping Co., Wilmington,

N.C., to represent that firm's in- terests in the /New York area.

Wilmington Shipping Co., a steamship agency and stevedoring firm, operates in the North Caro- lina ports of Wilmington and More- head City. In Morehead City, its office is listed as Morehead City

Shipping 'Co. Mr. Dromgool will represent these interests, as well as

East Carolina Ship Agencies, .Inc., a subsidiary of Wilmington Ship- ping Co., in the two ports.

Carboline Company

Employs Saroyan As

Coatings Consultant

The Carboline Company of St.

Louis, Mo., announces the employ- ment of John R. Saroyan as con- sultant for the company to assist in the research and development of new generation antifouling and antipolluting protective coatings for the marine industry.

Prior to joining Carboline in a consulting capacity, Mr. Saroyan was head of the Naval Paint La- boratory, Mare Island, Calif., the

Navy's principal laboratory for paint research and development.

Mr. Saroyan is recognized through- out the world as a foremost au- thority on antifouling paints and coatings. He has written numerous articles and holds many patents on antifouling paints. He is the recipi- ent of the coveted Civilian Service

Award presented for his significant contribution in the antifouling field during World War ill.

Mr. Saroyan will maintain his home in Vallejo, Calif., and coordi- nate his work with the St. Louis


The Carboline Company, 350

Hanley ilndustrial Court, St. Louis,

Mo. 63144, manufactures a wide range of industrial and marine pro- tective coatings, finishes, water- proofing materials, fireproofing coatings and adhesives.

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