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National Supply Builds 15,000-Psi Subsea BOP

And Wellhead System

National Supply Company has shipped to British Petroleum Ltd. a unique 15,000-psi subsea well- head system to be used in the

North Sea.

The BOP stack and individual components were successfully tested in December at National's

Houston Wellhead Plant and shipped on schedule for subsea installation. 11" X 13H " 15,000 PSI


CASING "straightforward" development of the concepts used in the com- pany's present designs. It used two 15,000-psi double-ram pre- venters for the main BOP assem- bly and a 10,000-psi annular pre- venter for the lower riser package.

This 11-inch, 15,000-psi well- head design concept is the first application on a National Sea

King 13-5/8-inch, 10,000-psi well- head. This design can be utilized in all other sizes of National's 10,000-psi Sea King wellhead equipment.

The key advantage to this sys- tem is the flexibility it provides the customer. It allows him to up- grade his National equipment to higher ratings when required.

National Supply developed the industry's first underwater prod- uct unit, placed in Lake Erie in 1957, and designed the first sub- sea production unit to go into operation in the North Sea.

A division of Armco Steel Cor- poration, National Supply Com- pany manufactures the most complete line of oil-field drilling machinery and related equipment in the industry.

For additional information on the 15,000-psi subsea wellhead system, write to William Marmac,

National Supply Co., Division of

Armco Steel Corporation, 1455

West Loop South, Houston, Texas 77027.

How crossover to 15,000 psi was per- formed is demonstrated in this drawing.

Components shown in white were devel- oped to allow 15,000 psi completion within existing 10,000-psi-rated equip- ment, shown shaded in drawing.

The new National system fea- tures a unique "crossover" that allows a 15,000 psi completion within existing 10,000-psi-rated equipment. This approach offers the customer the higher rated equipment at considerable savings.

BP engineers came to National

Supply for assistance after run- ning into unexpectedly high pres- sures in the North Sea. No subsea wellhead system then available was rated for more than 10,000 psi. Without properly rated equip- ment, the potential of the discov- ery could not be properly assessed.

National's engineers designed the new 15,000-psi BOP stack and wellhead equipment to be used with existing 10,000-psi- rated equipment.

The advantages to this ap- proach are: • The well could be drilled in and established with readily avail- able equipment. • Use of standard National wellhead components saves on well costs. • The system requires fewer new components. • The system could be used with BP's existing National equip- ment.

The BOP stack is a relatively

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Platform: 171.6 meters by 30 meters, lifts vessels up to 25.000 d.w.t. 20 years of shiplifting experience. • 117 installations in 53 countries. • used by 22 national navies. • more than 150,000 individual dockings and transfers completed.

Most economical shiplift system. • lower cost of installation, maintenance and operation than any comparable system. • ONLY shiplift system with continuous lifting. • faster docking speed than any other system. 3 Year warranty on all components. 1 Year free field service after completion.

Proposals, quotations, and visits by engineers at no cost or obligation.

Designed to classifications standards of: • Lloyd's Register of Shipping. • American Bureau of Shipping. • Germanischer Lloyd.

Pearlson Engineering Co.

P.O. Box 560008 • 8970 S.W. 87th Court

Miami, Florida 33156 U.S.A. • Phone: 305/271-5721

Telex. 051-9340 • Cable: SYNCROLIFT

LONDON: 17 Devonshire St., London W1N 1FS, U.K.

Telephone: 323-2855 • Telex: 23717

World's most experienced builder of shiplift systems.

July 15, 1977 9

How to Treat Shipboard

Potable Water:


Why? Because the stakes are high. Should bacterial contamina- tion set in, the health of all on board could be jeopardized overnight.

CLOR-D-CLOR® Water Treatment Systems treat water the way it must be treated. Effectively. And reliably. With thorough disinfection using superchlorination and dechlorination, a method recognized and suggested by the EPA for small water systems.

For over 30 years Everpure CLOR-D-CLOR Systems have effectively treated potable water supplies for maritime indus- tries. They provide clear, good-tasting, bacteriolog- ically safe water with a minimum of maintenance.

System components include an EVERCLOR® Ma- rine Duty Chemical Feeder and appropriate models of RT pre-coat water filters. All components are adaptable to meet most marine and offshore appli- cations. For detailed information, call or write:

EVERPURE, INC., 660 North Blackhawk Drive, Westmont, Illinois 60559 (312) 654-4000

Cable: EVERPUR, Westmont. / nBH

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