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Shell's super lube lighter helps trim vessel turnaround time. *These are trademarks and are used as such in this writing. 3 hours 50 minutes was all it took for San Pedro Marine's 75 ft. Vicki Ann to load 20,700 gals, of

Shell marine lubricants on board 21*5,850 dwt VLCC 7.7 miles off the shore of San Pedro, California.

Aluminum W-gal. bulk bins are key to Vicki

Ann's speedy transfer of marine lubes. Hose lines from four individual bins at a time feed lubricants into twin 2-inch feeder lines lead- ing from Vicki Ann to the VLCC's bulk tanks.

Orders of Shell Tellus®* hydraulic oil,

Omala®* gear oil, and Shell Turbo®* oil for turbine-driven pumps are hoisted aboard

VLCC while Alexia Oil and Melina Oil main system lubricants are being pumped from

Vicki Ann's bulk bins. Time saver!

Only 3 hours 50 mins. needed by San Pedro Marine's unique "Vicki Ann" to make 20,700-gal. true bulk delivery of Shell marine lubricants to a VLCC 7 miles offshore.

How much turnaround time, lay-berth expense, and money do you figure "Vicki Ann" could save you in LA/Long Beach harbors?

Port agents and owners! Trim the time and costs for vessel turnabouts in LA/Long Beach harbors.

Let San Pedro Marine, Inc. put its one-of-a-kind offshore lube supply vessel to work for you. Forget about lay-berth time and costs! Eliminate time- and money-consuming drum deliveries on large orders of such main system lubricants as Shell

Alexia®* 50 cylinder oil and multi- purpose Shell Melina®* 30 oil.

The "Vicki Ann" is a real drum- beater. It pumps marine lubricants from 440-gal. aluminum bulk bins on its deck — at rates as high as 100 gal. per minute.

Our photo story takes you on a typical lubricants supply run made recently by the "Vicki Ann" 7.7 miles from her berth in San Pedro,


Interested in more information on fast bulk deliveries in LA/Long Beach?

And our Shell Marine lubricants that are available in over 400 ports around the world? There's only one number to call toll-free: 800-231-6990

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