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depend on the Authority's willing- ness to accept a low level of Ca- nal dues. The existence of the

SUMED pipeline (considered in the study) further complicates the issue by detracting from the total potential traffic available for the Canal.

In view of these comments, it is open to doubt whether Phase

Two of the Suez expansion scheme makes any economic sense, and whether such a development can ever generate the revenues needed to pay for its costs. Both the

Egyptian national economy, and the world tanker industry might be better served by the abandon- ment of all Suez expansion after the work now in hand has been completed. "The Suez Canal and its Im- pact on Tanker Trades and Eco- nomics," No. 62 in a series of re- ports on various aspects of ship- ping, prepared by the Research

Division of HPD Shipping Publi- cations, 34 Brook Street, Mayfair,

London W1Y 2LL, England, is available at a single copy rate of

U.S. $85 (all overseas orders) or £35 (U.K. only) or on a subscrip- tion basis U.S. $325 (all overseas orders) or £135 (U.K. only) for the series 61- 70.

Kobelt Introduces

Single Lever Pneumatic

Propulsion Control Head

Kobelt has introduced another marine control head to their line of die-cast brass propulsion con- trols. The Model 2545, pneumatic, propulsion control head is fitted with twin levers for a twin- engined vessel. Each lever con- trols both clutch and throttle on one engine. Also available is a

Model 2544 for single engine use.

These controls are designed for use in any 30-250-foot vessel which has a fixed-pitch wheel unit. The controls can also be adapted to any existing type of clutch.

Made of silicon brass for great- er corrosion resistance, the con- trols have stainless-steel hardware and chrome-plated, solid-brass dome covers and handles. Solid, polished brass or black, nylon- coated, anti-glare domes and han- dles can also be supplied.

Standard on these controls are a neutral detent, neutral switch and firmer, positive action which is neither stiff nor jerky.

Although noncorrosive brass is usually more expensive than alu- minum or zinc products, Kobelt's unique die-casting process makes these controls marketable at very competitive prices. Controls carry a five-year parts and labor war- ranty on all metal parts, with a two-year parts and labor war- ranty on the synthetic parts.

For further information, write to A1 Pickering, J. Kobelt Manu- facturing Co. Ltd., 235 East 5th

Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

V5T 1H2.

New Brochure Describes

Alco Power Boss Diesels

Alco Power Inc., Auburn, N.Y., is offering a new four-color, 20- page brochure which describes their line of POWER BOSS diesel engines.

The brochure, "The Alco POW-

ER BOSS," details the company's five basic 6, 8, 12, 16 and 18- cylinder engines in a complete range of configurations. These are all four-cycle diesel engines, rang- ing in size from an 800-bhp in-line six-cylinder through a 4,500-bhp

V-18. Full-color photographic cut- away views reveal internal design features of the Alco engines and all components. The brochure con- tains complete engine specifica- tions and details. It completely describes Alco-manufactured tur- bochargers, a worldwide parts and service complex, as well as an en- gine remanufacturing and unit exchange program called "The

Alco Extended Engine Life Pro- gram." Accompanying the bro- chure are recently published rating sheets which list the spe- cific ratings for each cylinder size in all applications.

For a free copy of "The Alco

POWER BOSS" and new rating sheets, write to Edward T. Mosley,

Alco Power Inc., 100 Orchard

Street, Auburn, N.Y. 13021.



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