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Dravo SteelShip Corporation,

Pine Bluff, Ark., a subsidiary of

Dravo Corporation, Pittsburgh,

Pa., has announced delivery of the

M/V P.N. Ellis to Koch-Ellis Ma- rine Contractors of Westwego, La.

According to Harry J. Collins, president of Koch-Ellis, the new vessel will be operated in bunker- ing service on the Lower Missis- sippi River.

The P.N. Ellis is a standard

SteelShip 56 design measuring 56 feet long by 20 feet wide by 7.5 feet deep. The hull is divided into seven watertight compartments, and has capacity for 11,000 gal- lons of fuel, 2,000 gallons of wash water, 1,600 gallons of waste, 1,100 gallons of potable water, and 200 gallons of lube oil. The fuel fills and vents are in a central lo- cation with a fuel spill contain- ment. The hull is protected with rubber corners, and the push- knees and headlog are faced with

Johnson Rubber towknee material.

The SteelShip 56 standard su- perstructure has been modified to provide inside ladders, watertight doors and portlights on the main deck for coastal operation. A double-plated, 24-inch-high bul- wark extends around the perim- eter of the hull. Padeyes for tire fenders were provided in addition to the heavy D-shaped steel rub- rails standard on SteelShips. The

P.N. Ellis has quarters for six men in two cabins, with full elec- tric galley, lounge area, and com- plete live-aboard facilities.

The vessel is powered by twin

General Motors Detroit Diesel 16V71N engines with Twin Disc

MG-521, 5.17:1 reduction gears.

It also has two General Motors 3-71 generator sets. The main en- gines and generators were sup- plied by Kennedy Engine Com- pany of Biloxi, Miss. The running gear consists of 5-inch-diameter steel shafts, with nickel chrome boron sleeves turning in Johnson

Demountable stern tube and strut bearings with Kahlenberg stain- less-steel, heavy-duty, four-blade, 60-inch-diameter by 48-inch-pitch propellers.

The P.N. Ellis has Westing- house Air Brake engine controls and WABCO follow-up steering controls over SteelShip's standard hydraulic steering system. The vessel has two main and four flanking rudders with independent steering systems. As is standard on all SteelShip vessels, the lubri- cation for the thrust bearings and other steering equipment is piped to a central location in the engine room for quick and easy servicing.

The rudder stocks have nickel chrome boron sleeves turning in nylon bearings on the lower end, and have lubricated cast-iron bear- ings on the upper end.

A SteelShip standard monitor- ing panel with monitors for low water level, low lube oil level, high bilge water level, high water tem- perature, low oil pressure, and other warnings of unusual operat- ing conditions was installed. The panel has a visual signal and audi- ble alarm to alert the operator be- fore machinery damage can occur.

The P.N. Ellis is equipped with two searchlights, Perko running lights, electric heating and air- conditioning, quartz deck lights,

Nabrico electric over hydraulic deck winches, and many other standard features. Some special equipment for the bunkering op- eration consisted of a fuel trans- fer system to provide fuel for the diesel engines on the bunkering barges and air connections on the foredeck to service the air start- ing requirement for the pump en- gines on the bunkering barges.

In addition to the production pushboats, ocean tugs and barges which are on contract, Dravo

SteelShip is building four stock standard SteelShip pushboats. All of the stock boats are scheduled for completion with delivery rang- ing at present from 60 to 120 days, depending upon machinery availability.

For more information about any

SteelShip or AlumaShip vessel, write Dravo SteelShip Corpora- tion, Edward D. Fry, Vice Presi- dent/General Manager, Route 4,

Box 167, Pine Bluff, Ark. 71602.


Wigglesworth Manager

Marine And Terminals

Neil Wigglesworth has been named manager, Marine and Ter- minals, by Associated Container

Transportation/PACE Line, ac- cording to an announcement by

Peter F. Vickers, senior vice pres- ident-Operations.

Mr. Wigglesworth formerly served as ACT's terminal manager in Saint John, N.B. He joined the

ACT team in North America in 1976, having previously served as

ACT's terminal manager in Sea- forth in the United Kingdom. He sailed with Ellerman Lines, a partner in ACT/PACE, as a first officer, earning a master's license before coming ashore.

Dravo SteelShip Delivers The M/V P.N. Ellis

For Bunkering Service On the Lower Mississippi

The 56-foot P.N. Ellis, powered by G.M. Detroit Diesel engines, has quarters for six men and complete live-aboard facilities.

Sizes to 4" diameter, strengths to 335,000 lbs. Check the tensile chart above. Send for data and a rope sample, or ask about our special evaluation program. Write Samson,

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