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Red Star Towing Company. Port of New

York, runs a fleet of 25 tugs up and down the East Coast

A Mobil EM/PA program—Engine

Maintenance through Progressive

Analysis—helps keep these vessels running. And saves Red Star consider able amounts in operating costs

Reports Red Star's Port Engineer,

Jim Patterson, on Mobil s EM PA with its systematic oil analysis: EM PA not only permits us to schedule required 34 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News c 1977 Mobil Oil Corporation

Mobil's EM/PA saved Red Star's fleet operations $153,000 on two vessels alone.

That's why Mobil is Number One in marine lubrication. maintenance at convenient times, it actually saved the day on several occa- sions by alerting us to impending engine damage. The evidence showed up in the oil. thanks to laboratory analysis.

In the case of the Red Star tug

Huntington' EM/PA helped spot leaky fuel injectors, a broken cylinder liner and leaky water seals. An estimated

S75.000 saved in downtime and repairs

In the case of the Red Star tug Port

Jefferson. EM/PA helped show up a leaky fuel return line and faulty injectors.

An estimated $78,000 saved in overhaul and downtime costs.

These are examples of results that have been obtained with EM/PA. Mobil's program that continuously monitors both oil and engine conditions.

There's big money to be saved when you cut down on engine problems by spotting them early. Money saved on man-hours. On repairs On oil

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