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...a new name ...a proud reputation in shipbuilding & repair shipbuilding & repair, inc. (formerly Bludworth Shipyard, Inc.)

Capabilities — Complete repair facilities for inland and offshore marine equipment • new construction-petroleum barges • liquified petroleum barges • open hopper cargo barges • geophysical survey boats • oilfield supply vessels • harbor tugs • river towboats • offshore tugs • and customized vessels.

For further information write or call:

Newpark Shipbuilding & Repair

P.O. Box 5426/Houston, Texas 77012

C713) 928-5051

A subsidiary of Newpark Resources, Inc.







Dean Bros.

Fairbanks Morse



National Transit





Write or call for complete information \ COMET


TEL. (212) 675-8776

Ship Design Paper

Attracts Wide Interest

A paper on direct calculation methods in ship structural design presented by Lloyd's

Register of Shipping at a recent international shipbuilding symposium, "Preparing for the

Eighties," organized at Newcastle upon Tyne northeast England by Kongsberg Vapenfab- rikk of Norway, attracted international in- terest.

The paper discussed the need for direct calculation methods to complement classifica- tion society rules for the design of new or specialized marine structures.

The systematic analysis of the types of loads and the capability of structures were covered, together with failure modes and design criteria. The paper explained how, through procedural documents, such aspects as load intensities, modeling and design cri- teria levels were defined.

These definitions would assist in the design of bulk carriers, containerships, tankers and ro/ro ships. A short discussion was included about ways of improving and defining future direct methods to include the tolerances asso- ciated with modern ship production tech- nology.

Interest was shown, states Lloyd, by com- panies from the Far East, South America,

Asia, West and East Europe, and Scandi- navia.

The paper can be obtained by contacting the Hull Structures Department, 71 Fen- church Street, London EC3. Details and cop- ies of the Society's Procedural Documents are obtainable from Lloyd's Register's Print- ing House, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sus- sex RH10 2QN, England.

Dravo Corporation

Appoints Larry Dyjak

Larry Dyjak has been appointed superin- tendent of the combined pipe and mechanical department at Dravo Corporation's Engineer- ing Works Division. Previously, Mr. Dyjak was pipe shop superintendent for a year and a half.

A graduate of Ryder College, Mr. Dyjak holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has been with Dravo since 1973.

Dravo's Engineering Works Division oper- ates one of the nation's largest inland water- ways shipyards at Neville Island near Pitts- burgh, Pa., where it designs and builds a wide range of marine products. It is a leading manufacturer of towboats, barges and bulk materials handling equipment and systems.

Warren Thomson Joins

ITT Jabsco Products

Warren Thomson has been named marine market specialist for ITT Jabsco Products, 1485 Dale Way, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626, manufacturer of marine pumps and acces- sories.

Mr. Thomson assumed his new position following four years' service with Wilcox-

Crittendon, where he served as product devel- opment manager.

New product development and market de- velopment and analysis are included in Mr.

Thomson's responsibilities at ITT Jabsco

Products. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the

University of Connecticut, and had done post- graduate work in business administration.

Battery-operated Barge Running

S^m Ain Automatic Power barge running lights r 11 ^ are "ready-to-go" units for all types

Sp ^ of unpowered barges. All running lights include an on-off switch, photocell,

Saft AN-110 or Pri-Gel 350 batteries, lamp and port/starboard/stern sector screening.

Lanterns are available with red, green, yellow and clear lenses.

Types III and IV (60-night battery power) include a fiberglass, top-opening battery box and 4-place lampchanger.

Type VI (210-night battery power) includes a galvanized steel, front-opening battery box and 6-place lampchanger. Types I, II, and IV are portable for easy movement from barge to barge as tow configuration changes.

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