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Shaft Alignment Was Topic At

Philadelphia Section SNAME Meeting

Some 70 members and guests attended the recent meeting of the Philadelphia Section of The

Society of Naval Architects and

Marine Engineers held at the En- gineer's Club in Philadelphia.

Following opening announce- ments by section chairman K.

Gyswyt, the nominating commit- tee presented its slate of officers for next season as follows: chair- man, James J. Hibbits, General

Electric Company; vice-chairman,

Thomas P. Campbell, Sun Ship; secretary-treasurer, Dean S.

Champlin, Selby Battersby & Com- pany ; member of Executive Com- mittee, Mr. Gyswyt.

The chairman then turned the meeting over to Gerald C. Swens- «J •E9G9E9I 9 BS • •

D D u C -i i- i J

The Henschel Digital Master

Clock System provides a syn- chronized display of time in various shipboard locations. The master clock displays both local time and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This crystal controlled, microcomputer based master clock transmits multiplexed time (hours, minutes and seconds) and date (month, day and year) information to a maximum of 40 remote repeater clocks and/or data and bell loggers.

The remote repeater clocks display either local time or GMT in various mounting configurations to suit most applications.

Time is continuously displayed on both the master and repeater clocks by red, 6 digit LED displays, easily viewed up to 25 feet away. The date is displayed on the master clock by use of a front panel switch. This calendar function is set to maintain the correct date for changes in month, day, year and leap year.

Battery back-up is provided to maintain both time and date in the master clock and in a few selected repeater clocks during any loss of input power.

Clock accuracy is maintained independent of the input power frequency by a self-contained crystal oscillator. Time and date are easily set by means of pushbuttons on the front panel. When changing time zones, hours may be changed independently of minutes and seconds so that time accuracy is not lost. ®

Henschel Corporation, a unit of General Signal 14 Cedar Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913 USA

Telephone: 617-388-1103, Telex: 94-7444 son, meeting coordinator, who in- troduced Albert W. Forrest Jr. of

Sun Ship, co-author of the paper titled "Shaft Alignment Using

Strain Gages." A detailed descrip- tion of the strain gage shaft alignment procedure was pre- sented, including a comparison be- tween bearing reactions obtained using strain gages and hydraulic jacking.

The author discussed the vari- ous gage configurations available for measuring bending moments, and gave estimates of the result- ing error in bending moment. A simplified procedure was pre- sented to calculate bearing re- actions for the measured mo- ments. Gage site requirements to produce a determinate system were established, and a method outlined to establish bearing re- action error bounds for a combi- nation of gage configurations and sites.

The interest in this subject was evident by the varied opinions of the discussers, who were: Frank

Graham, Philadelphia Gear, Inc.;

Bud Thoma, Transamerica De- laval, Inc.; and George Laing,

General Electric Company.

Attendees at recent Philadelphia Section SNAME meeting included, left to right: (seated) secretary-treasurer T.P. Campbell, Sun Shipbuilding; chairman K. Gyswyt,

J.J. Henry Co.; author A.W. Forrest Jr., Sun Ship; (standing) discussers Frank

Graham of Philadelphia Gear, Bud Thoma of Transamerica Delaval, and George

Laing of General Electric; coordinator G.C. Swensson, Sun Ship, past chairman; and Executive Committee member C.W. L.offt Jr., Sun Ship.

Three Appointments Announced By

R.J. Brown & Associates Firms

V.C. Yin P.M.D. Fontaine

V.C. Yin has joined R.J. Brown & Associates of America Inc. as chief engineer, with responsibil- ity for the Engineering Depart- ment at the Houston office. Mr.

Yin has 10 years' experience in offshore engineering with a va- riety of U.S. companies, includ- ing, most recently, Occidental Pe- troleum Inc., where he was senior construction engineer responsible for new construction engineering aspects of North Sea structural projects.

P.M.D. Fontaine has been ap- pointed vice president and general manager of RJBA Holland BV.

He joined RJBA in 1975, and was initially involved in a number of projects in the North Sea and

T.J. Corbishley

Middle East, before participating in business development activi- ties. He was made executive en- gineer in 1979.

T.J. Corbishley has been made chief engineer of RJBA Holland

BV. He was previously supervisor of RJBA's Structures & Systems

Engineering Group, and has 14 years' experience in engineering management and marketing in the

U.K. offshore, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries.

R.J. Brown & Associates is an international company headquar- tered in Switzerland, and with engineering offices in the Nether- lands, Houston, Texas, and Sing- apore. 10 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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