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Two proven long distance lubricating oils.

With a unique plus-free!

First is TARO Special — one of the first cyl- inder oils designed for use in large, slow-speed diesel engines. It helps combat the problems caused by using the fuels available in today's market. Its alkaline additives help prevent corrosive acids being formed, minimizing ring and liner wear.

The second is DORO AR-30—the latest crankcase oil with a low ash additive package and alkaline reserve. It has excellent oxidation and cor- rosion protection for slow-speed cross-head type diesel engines.

The free ingredient is the 1500 years com- bined marine experience of members of the Texaco

International Marine Sales Group. Texaco Inter- national Marine Sales has more Chiefs and Marine

Engineers on its staff than any other major oil company in the world. We believe no one can understand your Chief Engineer's problems like another Chief. Our engineers, utilizing the 1500 years experience, are capable of solving most lubri- cation problems, and through our laboratories, can give prompt oil analysis and interpretation to identify potential problems before they can cause damage to your systems.

Texaco Inc., International Marine Sales

Dept., 135 East 42nd Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10017.

Texaco Ltd., International Marine Sales, 199 Knightsbridge, London

SW7, IDE, England. ^ **Jr°

Experience v I 7 you can trust.



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