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New Primary Battery

Introduced By SAFT —Literature Available

SAFT Corporation of America,

Valdosta, Ga., has announced the availability of a new line of high- capacity primary batteries for the navigational aid and barge light- ing markets. According to Edgar

Gardner, general manager, this is the first truly new development introduced to this market in many years.

Mr. Gardner said the new line of batteries uses the carbon-zinc- air principle familiar to the ma- rine lighting industry. SAFT's new line, however, incorporates a non-liquid electrolyte and other advancements that result in an extremely lightweight, compact, stable energy source without the maintenance requirements and hazards associated with the liquid electrolyte technology.

According to Mr. Gardner, the battery will be manufactured at

SAFT's new plant in Valdosta, under the trade name SOLID


It will be available in 350, 1200, 2400 and 3600 ampere hour capac- ities with voltages of 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75. It will also be offered in buoy power pack assemblies in 1200, 2400 and 3600 ampere hour ratings at 6 or 12 volts.

For additional information and data sheets on the SOLID POW-

ER line, write Elvin Beck, sales manager, Dept. MR, SAFT Cor- poration of America, 711-A In- dustrial Boulevard, Valdosta, Ga. 31601.

Two New Contracts For

Drill Barge And Jackup

Won By Promet Private

Promet Private Limited, Sing- apore, recently received two new contracts, won in stiff competition with other shipyards. These two new orders will expand the order- book at the Pandan Road yard, which previously consisted of five supply vessels, four jackup-type drilling rigs, and one jackup-type service barge.

The first contract was signed with a French company, Total

Indonesia, for construction of a drilling barge to work in Indo- nesian swamps. This will be the third swamp barge built by

Promet this year. Delivery is scheduled for October 1980.

Promet signed the second con- tract with Sun Contractors Inc. of the United States for delivery of a four-legged, self-propelled jackup service barge. This is the second order from the U.S. com- pany. Promet recently delivered to Sun Contractors a three-legged, self-propelled jackup-type service barge named the Carl Fleming.

The four-legged well service barge will consist of a floating/ elevating unit containing the pro- pulsion and jacking gear and oth- er essential equipment. The four tubular legs with feet attached will provide the support founda- tion while in the operating or jacked-up position. The propul- sion units will be four General

Motors Detroit Diesel 12V71 en- gines to position the barge at well platforms and to propel the barge at approximately 10 mph.

The jacking equipment will be of 450 tons per leg jacking ca- pacity and 500 tons per leg hold- ing capacity. The vessel will be capable of operating in water depths of up to 130 feet, with a 30-foot air space between the bot- tom of the hull and the water surface.

The barge will be designed and built under special survey of the

American Bureau of Shipping for

Class A-l Vessel for Coastwise

Service and Arabian Gulf Service.

Delivery is scheduled for March 1981. fiapart Radio Co., lid.

Introduces _ 5 /~\


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New Features • Self diagnostics • Full options • Full worldwide installation service m

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