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Fred Ramsden, Fred West "Our strict inspections mean these barges are ready for immediate loading on delivery Making certain the cus-tomers get everything they wanted, and that a barge can do everything it was designed to do, requires total knowledge of barges and their construction. HBC Barge Inspec- tors, Fred Ramsden and Fred

West: "We've both worked as weld- ers, fitters and layout men here at

HBC Barge. We know from experience what goes into a well- built barge, start to finish. We inspect, start to finish. "Welding is tested with an

Ultrasonic Tester for required penetration and solid integrity.

Hydrostatic testing is run on every tank barge. Every seam is soap seal tested. "Our air test on every barge is different than most. We test the whole barge, seam by seam, not just by compartments. "We check on everything the blueprints and specs calls for, and everything that good construction requires, such as: fittings; pump- ing, piping and power systems; insulations, linings and coatings; and as perfectly straight barge construction as possible. "The Coast Guard, and the

American Bureau of Shipping, also inspects these barges. So do the customers' inspectors, some of whom say this is some of the finest work they have seen. They say virtually nothing gets past us. 'We try."

Get your next barge fleet from a couple of inspectors as tough as any river. HBC Barge builds barges in any size and configura- tion you need, for chemicals and other liquids, coal, grain and other commodities.

Go beyond options and get what you want.

For more information on get- ting your next barge fleet built to your specs, contact:

HBC Barge

HBC Barge, Inc.

Formerly named Hillman Barge & Construction Company.

Brownsville, Pennsylvania 15417 Phone: (412) 785-6100

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