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Diesel Power

Review (continued from page 18) to 1,125 for the D399 line. Aux- iliary generator sets are rated from 250 kw to 800 kw.

The big engines in the Cater- pillar marine family are the D399

V16 and the D398 V12, both tur- bocharged/aftercooled models with the same bore/stroke of 6.25/8.0 inches. These two types, along with the D379 and D353 engines, have proven capable and reliable in thousands of marine applications around the world.

The rugged four-cycle design and medium operating speeds of the Cat marine engines result in outstanding reliability and long service life. Their compact size insures ease of installation and servicing even when machinery spaces are at a premium.

For application flexibility, V models offer right- or left-hand rotation, full power from either end, and accessories located on either side. Watershielded turbo- charger and watercooled exhaust manifolds protect against fire haz- ards and reduce engine room tem- perature. The no-adjustment fuel system keeps full rated power and good fuel economy without peri- odic adjustment.

Worldwide, thousands of Cater- pillar 7200 Series marine trans- missions are hard at work in ap- plications ranging from 300 to 1,125 hp continuous operation.

Their value is attested to by op- erators and owners of river push- boats, fishing vessels, offshore supply and crewboats, oceangoing tugs, workboats, and utility ves- sels.

The 7200 Series is designed for specific Cat diesel engines, insur- ing matched propulsion packages for ease of installation and maxi- mum operational efficiency.

Colt Industries

Fairbanks Morse Engine Divi- sion of Colt Industries is bene- fiting from the strong current demand for marine diesel engines.

The division produces its well- known 38D8Vs series opposed- piston diesel in a range up to 4,200 bhp. The larger Colt/Piel- stick PC2 series is manufactured in the division's Beliot, Wise, headquarters, and is offered in a range from 6,000 to 11,700 bhp.

Colt Pielstick engines built by Fairbanks

Morse range up to 4,200 bhp.

In addition, Fairbanks has sales rights for the much larger Piel- stick PC4 diesels with ratings up to 27,000 bhp.

According to W.T. Hailey, vice president-sales, the division's ma- rine activities during the past year were highlighted by three applications. The first was the three breakbulk/reefer/container vessels built by Equitable Ship- yards for American Atlantic Ship- ping, Inc. Each vessel is powered by a 12-cylinder Fairbanks Morse opposed-piston diesel with a 3,000 bhp rating. Said to be the most technologically advanced vessels of their size in the American-flag merchant fleet, two of them have been delivered, with the third scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

A second important application for FM-built engines was the three twin-screw tug/barge units being built by Avondale Shipyards for

Occidental Petroleum. Each ship- set consists of two Colt/Pielstick 14-cylinder, PC2.5 direct-revers- ing diesel engines, each driving a single input/output reduction gear. The tug and barge lock to- gether, forming a rigid connec- tion between the stern of the barge and the twin hulls of the catamaran tug. Each vessel will

The Fouling Game is a game of big profit and heavy losses. Play it by the rules and you can take it home safely, make an erroneous move and it turns into a gamble beyond control.

Your opponent is a coldblooded creature with uncountable resources on hand. You can't beat him unless you're familiar with his strengths and weaknesses. But with the right strategy, the right tactic and an experienced partner by your side, the game is bound to be yours.

The partner is us. Jotun Marine Coatings. We know this game to the bottom. We have the systems, we have the experience, and we're known to keep cool when things start getting hot. We play it safe and we never bluff. And that may be the


Super Tropic

Recommended for ships trading between unpolluted, cold to subtropical ports. Applied in a dry film thickness of 50 microns they will give protection for a period of 8-12 months. They give an increased roughening during service and the resulting paint film is porous and weak. At dry-docking this film should preferably be removed because it will always be the weakest part in the system.

Especially when a vessel alternatively visits saltwater and freshwater ports flaking can occur due to the different absorption be- tween fresh and salt water. In practice, how- ever, this is impossible and therefore a sealing primer must always be used before a new antifouling coat is applied.

For ships calling regularly in very foul tropi- cal or subtropical ports, modern, highgrade antifoulings should be selected. The demand to maintain speed over a long period can only be met by the very best high build antifoulings available.

In this range we have developed some special antifoulings: - CHLORINATED RUBBER A/F - SARGASSO C. R. - SARGASSO C. R. JAPAN - SEVEN SEAS

Chlorinated Rubber A/F

Recommended for ships trading in global service. For extended docking intervals (12-15 months) apply two coats.

Sargasso C. R./Sargasso C. R. Japan

Long-life antifouling from keel to deep load line for fast or very large vessels in global service and for docking intervals of up to 18 months. The Japan quality has been specially developed to meet the Japanese poison regulations.

Seven seas

Extra long-life antifouling, to be applied between keel to deep load line, for fast or very large vessels in global service. Docking intervals from 20-24 months are possible with this quality.

These comprise a new class of anti- foulings whereby the bottom can be kept smooth and free from fouling for 2 1/2-5 years without the necessity of dry-docking the ship.

The Seamaster System


SEAMASTER is not only an antifouling but a system consisting of firstclass underwater primer (VINYGUARD) and an antifouling with three special properties. 1. Long-life antifouling properties in the range of Sargasso. 2. It can be kept active by periodic reactiva- tion using special brushes. 36 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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