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Diesel Power

Review (continued from page 28) ficiency and increase air flow; and revised turbine nozzle.

The new injector design fea- tures a 0.500-inch-diameter plung- er that provides an increased in- jection rate for improved combus- tion and thermal efficiency. The new injector also includes the

Savannah: Class of '80

In the East, our yard gets pretty good grades.

Not because of our cranes, dock, specialized shops, good prices, or our perfect working climate.

But because we have the best bunch of workers in the business. Men like Arthur Allen.

Arthur just finished a long apprenticeship in our Inside

Machine Shop. He's now a Journeyman Machinist- a first class mechanic. Which means he's as good as they come.

It isn't easy to make the grade at Savannah. If a man doesn't cut it he doesn't graduate.

Our work-voyage repairs, major conversions, and scheduled drydocking-is done by skilled people like Arthur. Competent, hard-working, gung-ho men and women. Many of whom have been here their whole working lives.

We're proud of them.

We want to thank them all.

Publicly. For making us the first-class yard in the South.

The Savannah Yard.

Savannah MachiShipyard Co.

P.O. Box 787, SavannaixSa. 31402

Tel. (912) 233-6621 74 Trinity Place, Suite 1800

New York, N.Y. 10006

Tel. (212) 432-035G ovjin

General Electric's turbocharged V-16 has rating of 3,500 bhp. cient combustion system offer a low fuel rate. Additional features, such as easy accessibility to com- ponents and maximum standard- ization of parts, offers marine users low maintenance and a min- imum spare parts inventory.

General Electric states their engine's modern design concept offers significant advantages, in- cluding: A reliable constant pres- sure stainless-steel exhaust mani- fold located in the "V" of the en- gine block for easy accessibility;

Effective operation with a wide variety of lube oils; All oil pas- sages to the bearing positions ac- cessible through plugs at the top of the gallery. Engine protection includes automatic shutdown upon detection of low water pressure, low lube oil pressure, engine over- speed, or excessive crankcase pressure.

GE's exhaust-driven turbo- charger contributes significantly to the engine's low fuel rate.

Unitized cylinders are a unique feature of the General Electric diesel engine. Each is mounted on top of the main frame with four bolts and has individual water and air passages, completely isolated from the main frame. Three ma- jor elements—the liner, steel head insert, and external jacket—make up the unitized cylinder. The cyl- inder can be removed for inspec- tion, maintenance, and repair. In- spection, maintenance, and re- placement of pistons is also sim- plified. With the cylinder re- moved, the piston is completely exposed. All unitized cylinders on

GE diesel engines are interchange- able.

Grandi Motori Trieste

Latest addition to the GMT production range—the CC 600 en- gine—is a completely new design concept in marketing philosophy and production whose keynote is versatility. It is intended for the widest possible range of ship pro- pulsion duties—direct coupled in vessels where higher propeller speeds are used, or geared to give optimum propulsion efficiency at generally lower cost.

The CC 600, being a 2-stroke, crosshead type engine, will run on the cheapest low-grade fuel oil; the design throughout has taken into account the fact that the quality of such fuel will continue to deteriorate.

Despite the presence of a cross- head, separated crankcase, and the working spaces typical of a more traditional low-speed 2- "low sac" spray tip that reduces smoke and undesirable emissions.

General Electric Company,

Diesel Power Products

General Electric Company's

Diesel Power Products (Erie, Pa.) offers an advanced four-cycle en- gine, available in 8-, 12-, or 16- cylinder sizes with power ratings from 1,500-3,500 hp. The manu- facturer reports the engine's high capacity turbocharger and effi- 26 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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