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stroke engine, the low stroke/bore ratio adopted in the CC 600 leads to an extremely compact design.

Producing 1,650 hp per cylinder at 250 rpm in versions from 4 to 10 cylinders, this engine can be fitted into almost any machinery space, however restricted, as its compactness is complemented by a unique facility to withdraw the piston without its rod in a much reduced overhauling height.

The CC 600 engine retains all the characteristic design features of the previous GMT low-speed, 2-stroke engine range — the B 1060, C 900, C 780, and C 600 types — and its construction de- tails are solidly based on the wealth of experience built up over the many years during which the validity of the design principles has been proved in the previous low-speed engine types. It differs from the other engines in that it has a low bore/stroke ratio of 1.33:1 as opposed to the normal ratio of about 2:1.

Much interest in the CC 600 is already being shown by clients in both the marine and industrial sectors, and many promising proj- ects are being studied. The first order for a CC 600 engine has been received, this for a 5-cylin- der unit of 8,250 bhp for a 15- knot gas chemical carrier of 12,- 000 dwt to be built by the Benetti yard for Carbocoke of Genoa.

A market of particular interest could well develop for the CC 600 design from the increasing num- ber of cases where conversion from existing steam plants is be- ing considered. With a pre-estab- lished propeller speed and engine room configuration, these instal- lations usually demand a geared plant. Their large (albeit dimin- ished) power requirements and high utilization factor underline the importance of burning the most economical fuel available to achieve the objective of the con- version. The CC 600 fits these requirements admirably.

GMT's B 600 engine is a slow- speed 2-stroke of 1,500 bhp per cylinder at 160 rpm, and was de- signed essentially as a compact, simple, and reliable engine that can be built at a competitive cost and is particularly easy and eco- nomic to maintain. This engine is planned to meet the needs of the substantial and growing market for smaller ships of all kinds where direct-drive, low-speed en- gines can be accommodated. It is adaptable to give optimum effi- ciency over a range of maximum

Two GMT B550 22,400-bhp engines power containership Ercole Lauro. service speeds from 145 to 160 rpm.

The B 600 retains the basic

GMT traditional 2-stroke charac- teristics of its existing range of 2-stroke engines with cylinder bores of 1,060 mm, 900 mm, and 780 mm, but also has many new features and refinements. It is de- signed to operate reliably on the worst grades of heavy oil being predicted, and will be built with from 4 to 10 cylinders to cover powers from 6,000 to 15,000 bhp.

Two 10-cylinder units of the the B 600 engine, each developing 15,000 bhp (mcr) at 160 rpm are on order for Home Lines' 30,000- gt cruise ship under construction at the CNIM Shipyard in France.


The current engine program of

M.A.N. (Maschinenfabrik Augs- burg-Nurnberg AG) includes five four-stroke engines with bores from 200 to 520 mm, and five two-stroke engines with bores from 520 to 900 mm — three of which are long-stroke versions.

The four-stroke engines cover an output range from 134 to 1,187 bhp per cylinder, and the two- stroke engines from 1,187 to 3,889 bhp per cylinder. The mean effec- (continued on page 28)


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