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Mobil EM/PA (Engine Maintenance through

Progressive Analysis) is the systematic and con- sistent analysis of your vessel's engine oil. It can lead to your getting many more turns out of your engine.

EM/PA is performed by specialists in Mobil labs who report to you in writing. (In an emergency, your Mobil representative will phone you directly.)

Here's an example of this program in action:

The Mobil lab specialist spots a considerable increase in the PPM (parts per million) of a certain metal in your engine oil. Mobil knows, from years of experience with all sorts of marine engines, that this particular metal is found in the main bearings of your particular engine.

Based on the fact there is more of that metal in your oil than there should be, Mobil can warn you that you may have excessive bearing wear!

You get an early warning, before a bearing goes completely.

Turn to Mobil EM/PA. ..for many happy turns!

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