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Shearson Seeks Title XI

On $17.5-Million Order

For 65 Hopper Barges

Shearson River Barge Associ- ates I, II, VI, and VII, New York, have applied to the Maritime Ad- ministration for Title XI guar- antees to aid in financing the con- struction of 65 hopper barges for operation on the inland water- ways of the United States.

Twenty 200-foot barges are to be constructed by Nashville

Bridge Company, Nashville,

Tenn., and Cargo Carriers, Inc.,

Minneapolis, Minn. If approved,

Title XI financing would cover $4,377,000, or 87y2 percent of the estimated actual cost of $5,003,- 374.

Thirty 195-foot barges are to be constructed by Dravo Corpo- ration, Pittsburgh. If approved,

Title XI financing would cover $6,995,000, or approximately 87V2 percent of the estimated cost of $8,225,250. The remaining 15 ves- sels are to be built by Jeffboat,

Incorporated, Jeffersonville, Ind., and Proform, Inc., Minneapolis,

Minn. If approved, Title XI fi-

Collision Avoidance Simplified.

CAS II. Compact. Automatic. Simple.

Sperry's new CAS ll™collision avoidance system — its computerization provides its simplicity.

Microprocessors control all CASH functions.

Uncomplicated, push-button operation contin- uously supplies all the vital information needed for safe navigation. And built-in self-test equipment precisely identifies any deviation from normal operation.

CASH reduces the critical time required for maneuvering decisions because Sperry's patented

PAD™(Predicted Areas of Danger) display shows a constant, fade-free assessment of potential hazards, even in strong daylight. You are always aware of important data such as own-ship speed and heading as well as target-ship range, bearing, speed, course, closest point of approach, and time to closest point of approach.

CAS II reduces troubleshooting and service time through its self-test capability and interchange- able modular circuit boards. The system conforms to the specifications of IMCO (ARPA), MARAD,

U.S. Coast Guard and other international organiz- ations. And the surprisingly low cost of CAS II is one more significant advantage over other systems.

The Sperry CAS II. Collision avoidance simplified.

For further information, see your Marine

Systems representative, or call or write:

Sperry Division Headquarters, Marine Systems,

Great Neck, New York 11020. (516) 574-2183. nancing would cover $3,747,000, or 871/; percent of the estimated cost of $4,282,500.

Deliveries of all of the barges are scheduled by early 1981.

Jack Dunn Appointed

President-General Manager

Of Towler Hydraulic Group

Tom White, subgroup general manager of The Towler Hydraulic

Group, Leeds, England, has an- nounced the appointment of Jack

T. Dunn as president and general manager of Towler Hydraulics,

Inc. of Urbana, Ohio, a unit of

Thorn/EMI Group. The Towler

Hydraulic Group is a major Brit- ish manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems, with manufacturing and assembly plants in the United Kingdom,

Germany, Spain and the United


Mr. Dunn previously was pres- ident of The Dixie Dredge Corpo- ration, a subsidiary of St. Louis


Dean Willard Named

President Of Products

Research & Chemical

Dean M. Willard

George Gregory, chairman of the board and chief executive of- ficer of Products Research and

Chemical Corporation (PRC),

Glendale, Calif., has announced that Dean M. Willard is elected president and chief operating of- ficer. Mr. Willard, who had been senior executive vice president of the company, joined PRC in 1972 as vice president, administration.

He will continue to be chief fi- nancial officer, a post he has held for several years.

Mr. Gregory, who continues as chairman of the board and CEO, indicated that this appointment was made to provide for the ma- jor business expansion PRC plans over the next several years. He will devote more of his time to areas of major business strategy, planning, and market develop- ment. Mr. Willard will be respon- sible for the day-to-day opera- tions of the company.


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