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ing plans, contract negotiations, and public relations.

Petro-Marine is one of the na- tion's largest independent engi- neering consulting firms serving the energy and marine industries.

It specializes in feasibility stud- ies, design, planning, coordina- tion and construction manage- ment of offshore structural, proc- ess, and pipeline projects as well as onshore facilities and civil works. The firm has offices in New

Orleans, Houston, London, Eng- land, and Lafayette, La.

MarAd Approves Title XI

On Eight Tractor Tugs

To Cost $19.8 Million

The Maritime Administration has approved in principle an ap- plication from Faustug Marine

Corporation of San Francisco for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the construction of eight tractor tugs. The 3,000-horsepow- er, twin-screw tugs are intended to be used for precision towing assignments in the search for off- shore Alaskan and California oil.

Each of the vessels will be 92 feet 6 inches long and have a molded beam of 32 feet.

The Port Brownsville Ship- yard, Port Brownsville, Texas, has been selected to build the vessels, which are scheduled to be deliv- ered between December 1980 and

January 1982. The Title XI guar- antee covers $17,320,275, which is 87i/o percent of the estimated cost of $19,794,600.

Fernstrum Offers New

Literature On Gridcooler®

Keel Cooling Systems

R.W. Fernstrum & Co. of Me- nominee, Mich., is offering new literature on the Gridcooler® pack- aged keel cooling system.

The Gridcooler is available in many sizes to meet varied engine applications and operating condi- tions. In many cases, the Grid- cooler takes only one-twelfth of the room needed for traditional channel cooling. A vessel with re- cessed packaged keel cooling also experiences far less drag than one with channel cooling systems and can be operated in ice-laden wa- ters or mud flats without diffi- culty.

For full free details on Fern- strum's Gridcooler keel cooling systems, write Paul W. Ferns- trum, Dept. MR, R.W. Fernstrum & Co., P.O. Box 87, Menominee,

Mich. 49858.

J.C. Kiersted Appointed

Public Relations Manager

For Texaco U.S.A.

J. Christopher Kiersted has been appointed manager of pub- lic relations for Texaco U.S.A., it was announced recently by

Annon M. Card, president of Tex- aco U.S.A. In his new position,

Mr. Kiersted will coordinate pub- lic relations activities for Texaco

U.S.A. He will continue to be lo- cated in Houston.

Mr. Kiersted joined Texaco in 1951 as an employee relations trainee. He subsequently served at Texaco refineries at Port Ar- thur, Amarillo, and elsewhere, be- coming plant supervisor for em- ployee relations.

In 1958, Mr. Kiersted was transferred to the personnel divi- sion of the public relations and personnel department, located in

New York City, and was named supervisor of college relations there in 1959. In 1965, he was appointed manager of the Pacific

Coast area of the public relations and personnel department, located in Los Angeles. In 1975, he was named assistant to the vice pres- ident of Texaco Inc., in charge of the company's Houston offices.

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