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When it comes to protecting ships, the Vikings have a world of experience.

We'll be glad to review your ship's requirements and evaluate your inert gas needs—as only marine and combustion experts can.

For details on this service, and a copy of our new brochure on inert gas systems, write or call Mr.

Arthur Christenson.

We'll respond quickly and decisively. In the best Viking tradition.

Foster Wheeler Boiler

Corporation, 110 South Orange

Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039 (201)533-2275






Moss Rosenberg has 60 years of shipbuilding experience, plus over 150 inert gas plants aboard ships around the world. Foster Wheeler has 50 years of marine experience, including a leadership role in boiler design and manufacture.

Now our combined experi- ence is working together to bring you inert gas protection. Because Foster

Wheeler is manufacturing two proven, reliable systems in the U.S. under license from Moss: 1. A flue gas scrubber system that provides inert gas by utilizing boiler stack gas output. 2. A compact gas generator system for ships with unsuitable or insufficient stack gas output.

That means we're not locked into one system or the other. We can deliver the inert gas protection you need, in a wide range of output capacities—for retrofitting or for new vessels. 1 BL

Carved animal head post from a 9th century Viking ship- designed to protect against evil spirits.

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