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A Look Ahead at the 88th



The 88th Annual Meeting of

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers will con- vene at The New York Hilton Ho- tel on November 13-15, 1980 ac- cording to an announcement made by Lester Rosenblatt, president of the Society. "Again this year," Mr. Rosen- blatt said, "we will have 14 ex- cellent technical papers on Thurs- day and Friday .... I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the

President's Luncheon on Thurs- day, the Banquet on Friday, and of course, the Saturday night


The papers have been especi- ally selected by the Society's Pa- pers Committee for the highest interest to the largest number of people attending, and the final printed papers, discussions and authors' closures will constitute most of the Society's Transac- tions, to be published in 1981.

Mr. Rosenblatt will give his fi- nal message as president at the

President's Luncheon in the West

Ballroom. Several important awards will be made, among the

Cochrane Award and the Joseph

H. Linnard Prize, at the Lunch- eon. The Annual Business Session will be held at 4:00 p.m. in the

Trianon Ballroom, where the mem- bers will elect a new president of the Society for a two-year term beginning January 1, 1981.

On Friday at 7:30 p.m., the An- nual Banquet will take place in the Grand Ballroom with Mr.

Rosenblatt presiding. After the dinner, the David W. Taylor Med- al will be awarded to Peter M.

Palermo, director, Structural In- tegrity Division, Naval Sea Sys- tems Command. The Vice Admiral "Jerry" Land Medal will be given to P. Takis Veliotis, executive vice president-marine, General

Dynamics Corp. and general man- ager, Electric Boat Division. The biennially awarded Davidson Med- al will be presented to Manley St.

Denis, professor emeritus, Uni- versity of Hawaii. The Elmer A.

Sperry Award will be made to

Leslie J. Clark for pioneering work in LNG transport.

The Banquet speaker will be (continued on page 16)

SNAME '80 Technical Program At A Glance



Trianon Mercury


Trianon Mercury 9:00 1. Propeller

Coatings . . . 3. Liquid Dynamic

Loads In LNG

Cargo Tanks 7. Analyzing Barge


Offshore . . . 9. Ship Maneuver- ing and Control in Wind 10:30 2. Hull Foulants and Ship

Economics . . . 4. Service Experi- ence—125,000 m3

LNG Vessels 8. Motions/Loads of a Ship in


Waves . . . 10. Measurement of


Characteristics 12:00 President's Luncheon 2:00 11. Preventing


Vibration 13. Thrusters for

Ship Maneuver- ing and Dynamic

Positioning 2:30 5. Technology Survey of Major U.S.

Shipyards 6. Collisions and Pre- dicting Structural

Response . . . 3:30 12. Hydroelasticity and Vibrations of Internal

Steelwork of Tanks 14. Reducing Hull

Surface Forces

Due to Propeller

Cavitation 4:00 Business Session 14 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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