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SNAME 88th Annual

Meeting — Preview (continued from page 14)

David S. Lewis, chairman and chief executive officer, General

Dynamics Corporation.

Many members will return to the Grand Ballroom on Saturday night to dine and dance the evening away to the strains of the Steven Scott Orchestra, at

SNAME's Annual Dinner-Dance.

Technical Sessions

The technical papers will be presented at the time listed in the accompanying chart and in the rooms shown.

The technical papers are:

Paper No. 1—"Development of

Protective Covering Systems for

Steel and Bronze Ship Propellers" by Francis J. Dashnaw, Ambrose

A. Hochrein Jr., Robert S. Wein- reich. Paul K. Conn and Ivan C.


Fluid-Technology, Inc.


Fluid. Power Designs and Products F 904/268-3153 • 10626 Phillips Highway • Jacksonville, Florida 32224

Complete Systems Engineering

Service and Repair Specialists

Eastern Seaboard's largest repair and service center for all hydraulic equipment. We specialize in heavy equipment and marine haudraulics. Complete systems engineering, trouble shooting and installation.

Steering Systems

Complete removal and repair of rams, pumps, valves, piping, linkage, servos, etc. Rechroming and machining.

Chemical Flushing

We chemically flush hydraulic, air, lube oil system to specified temperature and micron retension specifications.

Capstan, Winch, Anchor Windlass, and Cargo Hatch

Not only do we repair the hydraulic system completely, we also offer services of complete restoration to rebuild bearings, shafts, gears, brakes and sand- blast to white metal and paint.

Control Air System Rebuild

Removal of all valves, control panels, gauges, rebuild and replace.

Cargo Pumps

Build up and turning of shafts, metalizing with Belzona super metal, impeller rework, bearings and seals.

Air Compressors

Both High and Low pressure, rebuild, hone, aftercooler repair, valves, and bearings.

Hydraulic Rebuild

Pumps (vane, piston, gear, cylinders, valves, hydraulic motors, Hydrostatic drives, power units, actuators, etc. Hydrostatic test.

Mechanical Repair

Bow thrusters, gear drives, shafts and journals, mill and lathe work.

Stabilizer Fin and Crane Repair

Complete Hydraulic and mechanical rebuild, etc.

We are complete systems engineering Quality Assurance Controlled by A.B.S.,

Superintendent of Ships, and the Coast Guard on all Naval work. > NEW YORK • BALTIMORE • NORFOLK • CHARLESTON • SAVANNAH * .HOUSTON





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SYNOPSIS — This paper reports on the development of elastomeric covering systems suitable for the protection of the surfaces of steel and bronze ship propellers. The development of covering systems for steel propellers will reduce the capital costs of propellers and the cost of cathodic protection by providing the necessary protec- tion against cavitation erosion, erosion and galvanic corrosion while providing a smooth surface.

For existing bronze propellers, the covering systems will reduce cav- itation erosion damage and ca- thodic protection requirements, and improve propulsion efficiency.

Paper No. 2 — "Effects of Hull

Foulants and Cleaning/Coating

Practices on Ship Performance and Economics" by John Austin

Malone, David E. Little and Mi- chael Allman.

SYNOPSIS — Relationships be- tween the parameters of ship de- sign, operation and economics af- fected by hull surface condition are discussed and integrated in a

Hull Performance Assessment

Model. Exercises of this model demonstrate that significant ben- efits are attainable through the optimization of hull recoating and in-situ cleaning schedules. The model is shown to be a practical tool to assess alternative hull sur- face management practices for widely varying ship types, oper- ating profiles and economic sce- narios.

Paper No. 3—"Liquid Dynamic

Loads in LNG Cargo Tanks" by

Robert L. Bass III, E.B. Bowles and P.A. Cox.

SYNOPSIS — This paper evalu- ates dynamic sloshing loads in

LNG cargo tanks, and reviews worldwide scale model sloshing data for the purposes of defining design load coefficients. Analytical methods are presented which pro- vide techniques for determining wall structural response to dy- namic slosh loads. A methodology is given for designing various tank structures affected by dy- namic slosh loads.

Paper No. 4—"Service Experi- ence with 125,000-m3 LNG Ves- sels of Spherical Tank Design" by

Joseph J. Cuneo, George A. Gil- more and Edmund G. Tornay.

SYNOPSIS—This paper describes the development and start-up of the Indonesia-Japan LNG trade, and provides the characteristics of the eight U.S.-flag 125,000-m3

LNG vessels used in the trade.

Also discussed are gas trials and voyage characteristics, improve- ments based on service experi- ence, including modifications to cargo and ballast system compo- nents, the main reduction gear, and internal components of the boilers. Design of the cargo con- trol system and reliability in elec- tronic control systems are the most critical factors in determin- ing the operation effectiveness of

LNG vessels.

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