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Paper No. 5—"Technology Sur- vey of Major U.S. Shipyards" by

Robert Lowry, William L. Stevens and John D.F. Craggs.

SYNOPSIS—This is a report on a technology survey of 13 major

U.S. shipyards and 16 compara- ble foreign shipyards. Over 2,000 technology level determinations are placed in perspective with the results presented in terms of com- parison among U.S. shipyards and between US. and foreign ship- yards. The results identify areas where U.S. shipyards could im- prove their efficiency.

Paper No. 6—"A Rational Meth- odology for the Prediction of

Structural Response Due to Col- lisions of Ships" by Pin Yu Chang,

Frederick Seibold and Chirasak


SYNOPSIS — A rational method- ology based on a synthesis of the modern finite element techniques, the collapse theorems, and the experimental data from collision tests is proposed for the predic- tion of the collision impact force and structural damages. The dif- ficulties of the existing approach- es also are discussed.

Paper No. 7—"Practical Design

Approaches for the Analysis of

Barge Performance in Offshore

Transportation and Launching

Operations" by Rubin Szajnberg,

William Greiner, Henry T. Chen and Philip Rawstron.

SYNOPSIS — The problems and solution techniques encountered in quantifying the safety factors involved in the transportation of large offshore structures on deck cargo barges form the basis of this paper. The primary factors considered are environmental force prediction, stability, motion and strength, and their interac- tion which forms criteria for se- lecting an acceptable barge/jacket configuration for towing and launching operations. The meth- odologies are presented and com- pared in light of the state-of-the- art in naval architecture and structural analysis.

Paper No. 8—"Motions and Hy- drodynamic Loads of a Ship Ad- vancing in Oblique Waves" by

C.H. Kim, Frank S. Chou and

David Tien.

SYNOPSIS — Application of a strip method are made evaluating the following: wave- and motion- induced forces and moments, re- sponse motions, wave loads on cross-section and relative motions of vessels of diverse configura- tions ; also ocean bottom effects on ship motions and speed effects on roll damping. Less favorable re- sults are shown for shorter waves and higher ship speed.

Paper No. 9—"Ship Maneuver- ing and Control in Wind" by

Leonard L. Martin.

SYNOPSIS—This paper examines the effects of wind on the control and turning of ships in general (rather than specific ships as in previous studies), identifies the major parameters determining the several possible modes of be- havior, describes possible ways of measuring course-keeping behav- ior by ship trials, and ends with some recommendations for design for satisfactory handling in wind.

Paper No. 10 — "Measurement of Hydrodynamic Characteristics from Ship Maneuvering Trials by

System Identification" by Martin

A. Abkowitz.

SYNOPSIS — System identifica- tion techniques were developed for the purpose of determining the hydrodynamic coefficients in maneuvering of the ship from the measurement of the motion re- sponses resulting from rudder ac- tion during ship trials. These techniques were used to specify the trial maneuvers of the Esso

Osaka (VLCC), and to "measure" the ship's hydrodynamic charac- teristics from the data obtained during these trials.

Paper No. 11—"Guidelines for

Prevention of Excessive Ship Vi- bration" by Helge Johannessen and Knut T. Skaar.

SYNOPSIS—The authors describe when and how to do what by the use of simple formulas. They (continued on page 18)

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