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$53.2-Million Contract For

Supply Boats Signed By Halter

David E. Verlander (left), Halter vice president, ad- ministration, and Frank A. Nemec, president of Mar- sea Marine Companies, sign contracts for fourteen 180-foot supply boats. The $53.2-million package is believed to be the largest supply boat order in U.S. history.

Halter Marine, Inc. has signed contracts for the construction of 14 supply vessels for the Marsea Marine Companies. The con- tracts between the New Orleans-based cor- porations total $53.2 million, and are be- lieved to constitute the largest supply boat order in U.S. history.

The new 180-foot vessels will be capable of carrying bulk and liquid muds, diesel fuel, drill pipe, and other supplies to offshore in- stallations. They will also be equipped to fight off-ship fires, while their engine rooms will be protected by C02 flooding systems.

The contracts call for six of the vessels to be delivered in 1981, with the remaining eight vessels to be delivered during 1982.

This is in addition to a six-vessel contract package signed and delivered to Marsea

Companies in 1980.

Halter Marine, Inc. is the world's largest builder of supply vessels for the offshore oil and gas industry. The company owns and operates 10 shipyards in the Southeastern

United States.

SHIPMATES — Newly modified guided-mis- sile frigate USS Mclnerney (FFG-8) and newly developed Seahawk helicopter conduct first sea trials of an air-sea combination called the "antisubmarine warfare weapons systems of the future." Bath Iron Works recently delivered the shipboard portion of the prototype system to the U.S. Navy 11 days ahead of schedule. Called LAMPS MK

III, the combined system is intended to give warships "over-the-horizon" surveillance and attack capabilities. BIW modified structure, installed and tested unique electronics sys- tems for LAMPS MK III, as well as other electronics installations under a Navy con- tract of approximately $16 million. Com- plete testing aboard the Mclnerney of the total system, formally designated Light Air- borne Multi-Purpose Systems, is slated for

Navy evaluation in early 1981. The system is intended for installation aboard FFG-7 class frigates and Spruance (DD-953) class destroyers once it is proven.

Riverway Shipyard Co.

Completes Construction

Of 120-Foot Tank Barge

Riverway Shipyard Company, Grafton, 111., recently completed construction of the

KM-1, a new double-skin side, single-skin bottom raked barge (pictured above) for

Kiesel Marine Service of St. Louis. The tank barge will be used as a midstreaming fuel barge for service in St. Louis.

KM-1 measures 120 by 35 by 9 feet 4 inches. The double-skin sides and single-skin bottom are constructed of 5/16-inch plate.

The bulkheads and deck are ^-inch plate.

The headlog and corners are %-inch plate.

The barge has two fuel oil tanks and one water tank built in the hull. Located on deck are two lube oil tanks and one pump engine fuel tank. Fuel oil capacity is 161,540 gal- lons; potable water capacity is 17,230 gal- lons ; lube oil capacity is 12,000 gallons; and pump engine fuel tank capacity is 300 gal- lons.

Fuel oil is unloaded by way of a Peabody-

Barnes self-priming centrifugal pump lo- cated on the deck at the rate of 700 gallons per minute, powered by a Detroit Diesel 4-71 engine. The total offloading time is approxi- mately four hours.

The barge is certified by the United States

Coast Guard for the carriage of Grade "D" products or lower.


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