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Cargo Handling

Equipment — Appleton (continued from page 24) the winch or from a central con- trol room. For improved flexibil- ity, both the line pull and the line speed are infinitely variable from zero to the maximum in any com- bination.

Appleton designs and manufac- tures a wide range of marine deck equipment, including all styles of cranes and winches as well as deck fittings. Each design is gov- erned by appropriate regulatory agencies such as the American

Bureau of Shipping, U.S. Coast

Guard, American Petroleum In- stitute, and Det norske Veritas.

The division serves all sectors of the marine market, including off- shore drilling units and support vessels, and oceangoing ships.

Among the major Appleton

Marine products are: dual wild- cat offshore mooring winch for mooring offshore drillships and semisubmersibles; swivel fairlead and chain stopper, part of a drill- ship mooring system; three-sec- tion, extendable-boom crane rated 1,500 pounds at 38 feet; 300-hp electrohydraulic, hose-handling crane rated 15 metric tons at a 54-foot outreach; and the alumi- num Sea-Lift® crane, built to

American Bureau and Coast

Guard specifications, which fea- tures a 360-degree continuous slewing and boom tip braking sys- tem to prevent the load from swinging.

Other Appleton products in- clude anchor windlasses, ocean- ographic winches, deck fittings, knuckleboom cranes, diving sys- tem winches, and mooring sys- tem control consoles.

For more information on Ap- pleton Marine products,

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A new line of BOP handling systems (25-200 ton) in space- saving packages has been devel- oped by Beebe Bros., Inc. of South

Seattle, Wash, to save time and increase safety on offshore drill- ing rigs. ing type rigs, the hydraulic cyl- inder overhead crane system (shown above) has lifting capac- ities up to 200 tons. Two systems are available for jackup or plat- form rigs — a high-capacity, air chain hoist and trolley system, and an air or hydraulic base-mounted winch and trolley system. Also available are skid systems for sem- isubmersible rigs and drillships.

Beebe Bros., Inc. of Seattle re- cently announced a major new improvement to the Beebe-65

Barge Winch, which is widely used throughout the industry, an electric brake that increases hold- ing capacity from 60,000 to 70,- 000 pounds. The barge connector with the new, higher holding ca- pacity brake continues to feature quick-release dogs with holding capacities up to 100,000 pounds.

According to Beebe, the design of the electric brake not only in- creases braking torque and hold- ing capacity, but reduces brake adjustment requirements and ex- tends brake life.

Built for use with l^-inch- diameter and smaller lines, the unit is said to be fast and easy to operate electrically by remote control from the pilothouse, deck, or both. The Beebe-65 winch is also available with air or hydrau- lic motors.

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Blohm + Voss A.G. of Ham- burg (U.S. representative is

Blohm + Voss Company of Spring- field, N.J.) recently delivered the heavy-duty floating derrick Tog

Mor to Howard Doris Ltd. of Lon- don. With a Stuelckenmast of 900 tons capacity, the vessel is said to be a "first" for this type of cargo- handling equipment.

The Tog Mor is a thruster-as-

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