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sisted floating derrick for inshore lifting operations. The Stuelcken design has been well proven on heavy-lift vessels worldwide. It has unique capabilities for heavy lifts at substantial outreach, with corresponding high lifting capa- bility. The Tog Mor, classed + 100 A4 Heavy Floating Derrick by

Germanischer Lloyd and meeting the requirements of the U.K. De- partment of Trade, will normally operate in conjunction with a

Voith Schneider tug of 3,000 bhp.

The main hook (fixed boom position) has a maximum lifting capacity over the stern of 900 metric tons, with lifting height of 234 feet 7 inches at corre- sponding maximum outreach of 118 feet. Lifting capacity is 450 metric tons at lifting height of 110 feet 11 inches and maximum outreach of 237 feet 10 inches.

The auxiliary hook has a capacity of 50 metric tons at any outreach to 296 feet.

All loading operations can be performed by one man in the con- trol cabin, which is installed near- ly 33 feet above the platform deck. Additionally, a remote con- trol allows operation from plat- form or main deck as well as from the top of one of the masts.

Even at a list of 8 degrees of the pontoon, all operations can be carried out safely.

During a voyage the boom is lashed in a nearly upright posi- tion, leaving the entire deck area free for possible transport of very big units even over long dis- tances. Converting the derrick from the sealashing condition to the operating mode takes only a few minutes.

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Chase Bag Company of New- port News, Va. now has available a reusable polypropylene bag that holds up to 3,000 pounds of most types of dry materials for bulk handling and storage, yet weighs only five pounds. The bag's rec- tangular design provides stability for more efficient stacking and storage of filled bags.

Woven from extremely strong polypropylene strands, the bags are said to last for 10 or 15 round trips under normal handling pro- cedures. Four lifting loops at the top of the bag fit on the two arms of a forklift for easy filling and emptying. In destructive tests, the straps and the bag itself have held loads of more than 15,000 pounds before rupturing.

Trademarked mini BULK®, the bags are available with or with- out a 3 'A-mil polyethylene liner, or with an inner or outer 1-mil polypropylene coating. Either serves as a moisture barrier. The mini BULK bag is available in six standard sizes—26, 34, 42, 49, 73, and 85 cubic foot capacities; other special sizes can be ordered to meet customers' specific size requirements.

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Clyde Iron, a unit of AMCA

International Corporation of Hou- ston, has just released a new bro- chure on marine whirley cranes for offshore and other marine construction, dredging, and steve- doring applications.

The publication contains infor- mation on net hook capacities (full revolving or overstern), duty cycle gross loads, maximum op- erating radii, and engineering data covering models 20, 24, 28, and 32. Boom lengths range from 70 to 200 feet. When fitted with a 120-foot boom, the model 32 has an overstern lifting capacity (continued on page 28)

Todd Shipyards Corporation

One State Street Plaza, New York, N Y. 10004

Telephone: (212) 344-6900 Cable: "Robin" New York


Our seven shipyards, located in

New York. Galveston, Houston,

New Orleans, San Francisco, Los

Angeles, and Seattle, are all equipped to handle repairs to propellers, rudders, tailshafts or any other ship repair work.

We have the talent and facilities to offer shipowners and operators quality, expert service at reasonable cost.

Our shipyards and dedicated personnel areavailable around the-clock.

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