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limits from 1,600 to 232,500 pounds. Important construction features include: forged from special quality bar or alloy steels and weldless through 81,400 pounds working load rating; min- imum ultimate strength six times working load limit; and quenched and tempered.

Lebus products include lever and ratchet type load binders, grab hooks and tail chains, snatch blocks, and hook latch kits. Mc-

Kissick specializes in custom de- signed blocks to any specifica- tions, oil field blocks, crane and hook blocks, overhaul balls, swivel hooks, and snatch blocks, as well as many other products. West- ern manufactures sheaves and sleeves, wood and steel blocks, and cargo blocks and fittings, just part of its extensive product line.

National's product line includes steel swaging sleeves, duplex sleeves, swage buttons and fur- rules, as well as swaging presses in capacities from 500 to 3,000 tons.

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Cyclonaire Corporation of Hen- derson, Neb. recently completed an evaluation run of its portable

Docksider II ship and barge un- loading system at the Norcem

Cement Terminal in New York.

The system was installed in a 25,000-dwt ship utilizing a deck crane to provide a totally self- contained, pneumatic unloading capability for a wide range of dry bulk solids including cement.

In addition to onboard instal- lation for use with the ship's gear for handling in the holds, the versatile Docksider II is equally suited to terminal operations uti- lizing existing dockside cranes.

Two basic models are currently available, both of which operate on a closed system principle to provide dust-free materials trans- fer. The Docksider II-V features a patented, venturi-induced vac- uum principle to dramatically re- duce maintenance compared with alternative unloading systems.

The Docksider II-P utilizes a vac- uum pump to provide continuous conveying, with resultant higher transfer capacities.

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Cyclonaire ship unloaders,

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One of the hottest topics in cargo handling today is export coal, with work under way in many port areas to improve U.S. ability to deliver more of this commodity to the world market.

At the heart of many of these improvements are bulk materials handling systems and equipment from Dravo Corporation of Pitts- burgh.

On the East Coast, for exam- ple, the Massey Coal Terminal presently under construction at

Newport News, Va., represents one of the first tangible responses to the problems of harbor con- gestion and loading delays—prob- lems that have plagued East

Coast ports since the surge in world demand for U.S. steam coal several years ago. From engineer- ing studies to construction man- agement, the Massey facility is all Dravo.

The Massey project involves taking a terminal built in the 1940s to handle imported iron ore and converting it into an ultra- modern coal export terminal ca- pable of moving 10-15 million tons per year. The project involves rail car dumpers designed to unload (continued on page 30)



Wager Vent Valves (THEN ALLTHE OTHERS)

We make Wager Vent

Valves-strong, true, rugged performers. These are vent valves you can count on for the long haul, in all kinds of sea, in all kinds of weather.

No one comes close to Wager in fine quality of design, materials, and workmanship-yet you can have Wager valves and pay about the same, sometimes surprisingly less than you might spend elsewhere.

Wager has meant finest quality back to our introduction of the innovative"ball float"valve in 1933. We have perfected that valve along the way. If we hit on a way to perfect it further-we will.

Quite simply: Wager makes the best vent valves in the business.

We intend to keep it that way.

Some marine people have asked us why we don't come up with a"blind"line of less exacting quality-just to compete with those lowest bidders. But we are not interested in producing "makeshift" valves, with the troubles they may give you at sea and the delays for replacement they may cause you in port.

Robert H. Wager Co., Inc.

Passaic Avenue

Chatham, NJ 07928 USA

Write us for spec sheets-no obligation.

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